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A client want's a instrumental version of Crash - by new kids on the block - haven't found it anywhere is there a inexpensive program to do this?


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audacity and Sound Forge are two programs that can sort of do it. I haven't had luck removing all vocals completely without hurting the overall sound quality of the song, but then again I never spent more than a few minutes trying.
Maybe someone else had had some luck and can chime in.


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I'll second what DJ_Xtreme said. There are programs that can sort-of do it. But it's like looking at a cake and saying, "I'd really like the flour back from this."

Using a program like Audacity or Audition you can somewhat remove the vocals. You will end up removing a chunk of the music part as well and wind up with some strange audio artifacts.


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Dick, the biggest problem is that the quality of the tune is harmed. And I've searched amazon and they usually have karaoke covers, but not for this tune.

When do you need it? I have a pioneer v10g player that does this vocal eliminate with the touch of a button, and I can vocal eliminate it, but no promises on how it comes out..

I'm booked solid this weekend, so if it can wait til Monday, I'll do it for you. Do you have an MP3 you can email me? A lot of time the tunes are recorded with the vocals on one side, keeping the music intact, but mostly sounds like someone turned on the reverb to max.
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