Table Top, Stand-up Desk-$25

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There's no denying it, stand-up desks have become all the rage. They promote good posture, and increased productivity (allegedly). They funny thing is DJs have had stand-up "work stations" since the beginning (let's not start the whole sit vs. stand debate again). Most options for a stand-up desk out there are pricey. Here's an option that's inexpensive, highly portable, light weight, and surprisingly sturdy. It's an especially good option if you're not sure about the whole stand-up desk thing and want to test-drive one without going deep into your pocket.

Enter Oristand Stand-Up Desk. $25.00. This looks perfect for some gig applications too, especially for the entry level jocks who are still bankrolling their gear. Pic immediately below, Video further below. -Z-





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Saw it, cool. I actually place the original box my Martin PR1 came in on top of my desk and use that. Works for me!


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I use a slanted/combo rack...
so my mixer is about a foot and a half off of the (30" high) table.
Perfect height for me.


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I've always built my own, because I am 6 ft 1. Ive got the equivalent with a road case and a stand that is 42 tall, so it ends up functioning like a podium.


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My choice is a PCDJ Gigbox ..... and yes this "old guy" has always stood up and teaches line dancing. My lower back reminds me of it the day after each gig but at 70 years of age, I really don't mind. Two Aleves and a couple laps in the pool and I'm good to go! I have a feeling that my golf game doesn't help my back either ..... LOL
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