Subwoofer Scrims.


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Hey guys. I'm looking to see if any of you know of a scrim system to use that covers the subwoofer pole. I know I have seen them before but now cant seem to find where to get any. Thanks.

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Just saw this.
I had the same thought a few years ago.
So, I have a friend who owns a tuxedo shop...and he does all his own alterations.
He picked some nice shiny black material,
and made me two fabric "sleeves"...slightly longer than the poles...
with elastic around the opening on each end.
I slip it over the pole and fish the power cord and XLR cable thru it.
The elastic holds it in place...with a little extra length so I can "wrinkle" it.
Sorry, I never took a picture of them.

I even went and bought two of these lights...
(they are used on microscopes)
and I mount them either under the top speaker shining down...
or put them on top of the sub, pointing up.