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So I've been seeing reviews & YouTube videos for the ADJ Stinger.
Looked cool & something I could use for smaller gigs.
Called around to various suppliers in Chicago & was told "not in stock" or the best one - "it has been discontinued". My last call was to Guitar Center who told me that it is not yet available & scheduled to be shipped until 8/17.
I know this light was available at the end of June & am assuming it's already in "backorder" status.
What amazes me is how many of these places have NO knowledge of the products they carry. More often than not, they do not have what I am looking for & what they do have is a very low quality product.
It makes it very hard to support the local guys & the very reason why I purchase my gear from out of state suppliers.


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That's most likely because you're dealing with off-the-street sales people. Next time, ask to speak with a manager or someone who has been to some of the most recent DJ/Lighting shows.
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