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Can anyone suggest a thread on suggestions for speakers. Using Yamaha S115V Clubs now with speakon cables. Looking for something not as heavy. Powered or Unpowered. However, looking to keep it under $100 for two speakers. By the way, is speakon still widely used?


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Hope you mean a $1,000 at least. Look at:

EV new EKX
Yamaha DBR


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Look at the new Yamaha DBRs. They are probably the best bang for buck speakers out there. They sound great, are light weight, and the cabinets are a little more scratch resistant than other models out there.


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Should be easy to find a pair of powered speakers for under $500 each. I've been an EV fan from the git-go. I currently own three complete sets of ZXA-1's (2 subs & 2 tops per set) plus I kept my old SXA-360's with SBA-750 subs. I've owned Mackies, Yamahas, Klipsch and JBL's but always ended up back in EV's line. The one exception I owned was the Dynacord but when I hit 65 yrs of age, they were just too darn heavy for this old lower back!


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Nicky or others, Have you heard the new EV EKX. Those may be worth looking at. The ETX are great but pricey and heavy for us seniors.


Since there is no mention of using subs, the ZLX-15P's would be my suggestion. $ 499 each delivered and just what you're looking for.


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The ev zlx 15p are a beast. They also make a 12p that Bill sells as well. The 12p are lighter and work well to add a sub for larger gigs. Contact Bill@ESC.
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