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And WHERE is Alma MI ?!

We offer sound support for wedding ceremonies, and I know many of you do. I use an audio technical AT3000 series wireless receiver with a bodypack/lavalier on the officiant. I don't like to put my speakers on stands for ceremonies because I think they do a good enough job on the ground, and I think our clients prefer they not be in the wedding pictures. I typically place one QSC K-10 to the left and to the right of the "center stage", if you will. Depending on the setup (and many of mine are outdoors), the speakers are about 20 to 30 feet from each other, and I angle them in, slightly, toward the center. I also TRY to place the speakers so that the officiant is BEHIND the speakers, but given the pickup pattern of the lav, I still get feedback when I get the volume too high up. I think the attenuation on the bodypack is set to -6 db. Is the answer,"it is what it is", or is there something I can do differently?


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Shoot sound from the side or the rear. That will cut down on feedback and your speakers will not be in any of the photos. I never have speakers on the end that B&G are getting married on. And get the speaker or speakers up in the air! Firing them into bodies will give you nothing but muddy sound and NO projection. Try it, you might like it! :)


And WHERE is Alma MI ?!
Shooting from the rear would sound unnatural (in my opinion), but I've never considered shooting from the sides - and if I did, I would feel better about using stands. I'll give it a try!

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Last 2 I did was from the side and it worked well. You get the front at back coverage.


And WHERE is Alma MI ?!
I imagine it will also cut down on my feedback since the speakers will be further away from the microphone. Sounds like a simple fix that I've never thought to try :)


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I have always shot sound from the side or the back at an angle outside of the aisle, and last row of chairs. The feedback issue is usually completely solved with more distance. Front is the last place I would ever point speakers for all the reasons listed above.

PS: A good photographer should be able to work around any speaker placement, but having it at the back or side pretty much seals the deal.


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I generally shoot sound from the sides for a ceremony. Photographers generally shoot from front and rear.


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A have such a wide variety of ceremony venues around here,
that I always have to go with what works best in that particular situation.
But, in agreement with everyone else...
1- Avoiding feedback is probably most important.
2- Speakers being seen in pics is the second consideration.
3- The source for power.
4- The actual real estate available for me and the speakers.

I used to also believe that hearing the speakers from behind the guests was un-natural...
but it seems it's the best option most of the time, and I it automatically eliminates my first two issues.
I haven't tried from the sides....but I would guess that people VS. speaker cables would be a concern.
I'll have to give it a go sometime.
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