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Jason Cathcart

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Kelowna couples on the other hand, which is just four hours away from Vancouver and has less than 300,000 peeps, tends to pay their DJ's much more $$$. I checked with one DJ I know back in 2009 and he was consistently getting $1500 for an 8 hour reception package plus $100.00 extra to emcee and $300.00 extra for a ceremony!
Kelowna is a wedding destination, and a lot of entertainers seem to do very well there. Was that Jeff Hay you were talking to? He does a fantastic job and is worth every penny he charges. I actually booked 3 weddings last summer where people wanted to bring him in from Kelowna, but he wasn't available or willing to travel to Alberta.

Scott Hanna

I don't "pencil" anyone in. If a wedding planner or bride calls about a date, they can book. If not, no problem, but the date may not be there when they get back.

They can book instantly with a credit card and an emailed agreement.
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