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What would help

First what is the name of the company? What is your specialty? What are your trying to show the public you are or aren't compared to everyone else out there? What type of image do you want to present? to the public and to the venues.
These are things to think about if your trying to come up with a good solid company slogan.

For example my company name is Karaoke Entertainment Group We call it the Original North Carolina K.E.G. Party! We've also come up with 2 new ones for our T-Shirts just waiting for Trade Mark registrations to come back before we give those away. I have to say though we do lose some business living in the bible belt due to the slogan but it was a price I was willing to deal with to do the shows I want to do.


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I am tossing up between New England Karaoke or Mass Karaoke - I think it will end up being MassKaraoke.

No real specialty I guess - we do DJ shows and karaoke shows. We want the public to know that we're not just a place to rent a karaoke machine but that we do full service karaoke shows, I don't think the general public realizes that.

PS... what does K.E.G party stand for?????


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Play on words

Hit on the Mass like for the Masses... or Entertainment for everyone...
I wouldn't go with the rental idea never put into someones head a idea you don't want them to think about only what you want them to consider.
What you don't say is as important as what you do say.
Your Tag line or Trademark should give the customer a visual idea of who you are or what type of service they can expect to receive.
Like K.E.G. Party everyone knows what a kegparty is.. Animal house immediately comes to my mind... a huge party... Give them a visual with words...
One thing if you use a line that gives the wrong idea remember you have to live with it and it may follow you and your business for a long time to come.


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Hey Bott, do you have a website or an ad? I agree with Dkron, we don't have clue 1 about how you present to the public.

Knowing more about your present image would be a vast aid in giving you a good answer and assist.


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Personally...I would suggest forget the slogan. I had one for a long time until I got into some very advanced marketing materials and agreed with the author of these materials. Slogans are crap. It's all part of "image" type of advertising which is better left to the companies that can afford it...Coke, McDonalds, etc. and for the average shmoe like you and I they don't do anything.


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1. Got Karaoke?

2. New England's Full Service Karaoke Party

3. You bring the talent, we'll bring the gear

4. If Ashlee Simpson can do it so can YOU!
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