"Shout for The Silent" Concert - Concept to Completion

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Go Big or Go Home
I had designed a this show before ever receiving a call. I decided to focus on a particular concept to sell to clients in my efforts to increase exposure for my company and gain some traction in the small concert market. It was quite serendipitous. I had just finished the concept renderings when I got the call for this event. We hope that in time it can be more profitable as we become more efficient in setting up the gear.

First concept

Revised Concept for Room Size

It was a very narrow room

And now just some of my favorite moments

This was a Christian spoken word and rap artist "Propaganda" Check him out he is really good



Go Big or Go Home
Christian Band - Charlie Hall - They sounded just as good live as they did in the studio

Our Client

Closing Prayer and Side Stage Shot as the night was finishing



Go Big or Go Home
Equipment List All Bands and MC's

6x JBL PRX 635 (Flown)
4x JBL PRX 612M
4x Yamaha DXF12
4x JBL 618S-XLF
2x QSC KW181

4x SM58 (Vocal)
2x Beta58 (Vocal)
1x Beta52 (Kick)
2x ST59 (Overhead)
3x e604 (Toms)
5x SM57 (Snare and Instrument)
2x SM81 (Snare Bottom and High Hat)
3x PLXD with Sm58 Capsule (MC and Spoken Word Artist)

We used a combination of Klark Teknik, Radial, and Live Wire Passive DI's

Yamaha M7CL Console (48 channel)

1x Panasonic AG-MX70
4x SONY CRT Monitors
1x Arkaos Media Master Pro Server with Intensity Pro capture card
2x BENQ SP920P 6k Projectors
1x NEC Short Throw Projctor
3x 6x8 Screens
1x Canon XH-A1s HD Camera

6x HES Studio Spot 250 (I did not like these)
4x Martin MiniMAC Profile
6x Martin MiniMAC Wash
13x Chauvet ColorDash RGB (Used as ACL type lights)
8x ADJ Tri7x (Stage Wash)
2x Chauvet Sparklite Drape
8x Elation OptiPAR Zoom (White light)
1x Elation DMX Splitter
1x Martin M1 Controller

2x Global 3m
2x Global 2.5m
2x Global .75m
7x Tomcat 10'
2x Tomcat 4'
4x Global ST180 Lifts
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