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For the wedding I DJed this past Saturday, the couple requested soundtrack music during dinner. "DJ choice" from these:

Lord of The Rings
How to Train Your Dragon
Raiders of The Lost Ark
Star Wars
Harry Potter
Catch Me If You Can
The Incredibles
... and a few more...

I can't remember when I've had SO MANY people (appearing) musically engaged during dinner. At least a hand full of people came directly up to me to find out a song title or a "what's that from"? And I saw even more people holding their phones up to my speakers to Shazam the tune. Ha Ha

This dinner music was perfect for this couple and this group, and fun for me too.

Have you ever had a program like this? Can you imagine adding this to your dinner music suggestions for your clients? Whats a memorable dinner (or any) musical theme or program you've had?

By the way - cocktail hour was musically "Eighties" - free reign for me, and I had a blast with some fun tunes!


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Another good one that draws a lot of attention is the Love Theme from "Braveheart."

BTW...that's a pretty good list.

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Very cool. Did a wedding a few years ago in a renovated movie house, you guessed it, movie themes all night :)


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A few years ago, I had a James Bond theme .... that was their grand entrance music, and then during dinner, I programmed in most of the theme songs ... except Nobody Does it Better ... which was their first dance :)

This Saturday, I have a bride who LOVES Broadway and Disney .... so placed alongside the Great American Songbook and Jazz (that the groom LOVES) will be Seasons of Love (Rent), Defying Gravity (Wicked), That's How You Know (Enchanted), Love Is An Open Door (Frozen), and a few more :)

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A Renn Faire wedding with lots of Jethro Tull & Heart (and anything else acoustic & 16th Century sounding I could find... no internet back then either)... The Groomsmen were dressed as archers (with real bows & swords), The Maids all displayed the required cleavage, and I wore a court jester outfit!
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