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Hi there,

Just wanted to throw this out there to see what you guys think, and to ask if you have done this. Finalized plans with a bride 2 weeks ago. All was good until 4 days before the wedding and the e-mail bomb. She tells me she has a day of coordinator who wants a copy of my contract, and who I will be taking orders from the day of the wedding. No mention before hand about this person, and I had only met with the venue on site manager. Then she changed all her plans that we had gone over before the reception. That is not what bothered me. All brides can and will change things before the wedding, but the contract thing bugged me. So I sent an e-mail to the bride and said that I would call the WC and go over everything that we discussed. The bride was ok with that. When I called her, she said she would call me back that night and didn't. When I called her again, she apologized and I told her I work another job and had to get up at 6. She sounded like she was stunned. We talked about everything and she was writing down things, as was I. At the wedding, she told me the cake cutting was at 6:30, and at 6:55 I shouted across the room....Hey, we were supposed to do the cake thing 25 minutes ago...whats the holdup????Believe me, I wanted to because it was a very aggravating night for me. Any feedback would be great. Nancy from CMS
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This is a tough nut to deal with and fortunately such occurrences are rare and, frankly, unpreventable.

Not meaning to waggle any fingers in your direction, but...
1) was there something glazed over or not emphasized enough to build the bride's confidence in your capabilities as a "day of" coordinator?
2) when the bomb dropped, did you have a nice, calm, smiling conversation with the bride letting her know that any and all guarantees of her satisfaction are now in the hands of her coordinator and not yours?
3) sending a copy of the contract (the one with the signatures) to the coordinator was a smart idea and reaffirming that, unless this binding contract is terminated by the bride, or appended to authorize the "day of coordinator's" total control, you are legally bound to adhere to its entirety?
4) did you ask for a copy of the coordinator's contract with the bride? (any bets no such animal exists, in which case your tail is swinging in the breeze).

Here's an off the wall suggestion which requires time, effort, and money. Get into an on-line certified college level career diploma program as an Event Planner and Bridal Consultant. I did almost 10 years ago and those certificates and registration documents have disarmed many a wedding nazi when I ask them to produce their credentials and qualifications for what they do. I love their expressions when told that this might be a day, an event, where they might best choose to be still, to pay close attention, and take lots of notes.

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That is awesome Cap. Have to look into that but seriously I've only run into a planner or over the last 15 years. Like you said people see what we can do and are comfortable and confident we will do a great job. As for things like cakes and arrangements the planners can help with them.


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Hi again everyone...Thanks for the feedback. Had a way too busy fall, so updating now on what happened: B & G realized after the reception that I was well organized and polished, then wrote a 5 star review along with a thank you note that was dripping all over the place. The room captain issue was a slip on their part and they had confidence in me from the get go. The room captain is assigned to the venue by the venue manager who is not there during the events, but but rents and shows the place which was not made clear to me at any point. During the reception, the brides niece asked me for a current party dance song that I happen to teach, but was asked not to teach any dances. When I played it, everyone was on the dance floor looking at each other like all had lobsters crawling out of their ears. I went over to the bride and asked if she wanted me to teach the dance, and she was elated. He are some of the goofs the WC did....Tipped over the piano chair when rolling the piano and the sound startled 90 people which brought silence to the hall. She forgot to light the centerpieces because I saw the brides father going around the tables, annoyed at best doing it himself. And the big one....leans over the table and said"we are doing the toast now". I said "Yes Mam" a few seconds goes by, I am ready with the wireless and I see her running across the floor with the toast glasses MT:hp12: Oh Well. !@!@!#!%@#^@happens. All is well that ends well.


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Well, at the very least....YOU got the satisfaction of knowing that YOU fulfilled your end of the deal...
and then some.
Pretty sure the W.C. didn't fare so least in the eyes of the bride and groom.


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It's frustrating when we get looked at as just the DJ. What do we know about running a wedding ceremony and reception? There is a science behind planning the events of a wedding.