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Hi there,

Back again, and just today was hired to do a semi formal which I have nave not done for a long time. Other than theme, is there something else I should be thinking about? I would appreciate any advise. Thanks, Nancy from Coastal Music Services


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Find out the agenda and if they want you to MC formalities or do they have someone for that? Find out if they have a % of slow songs to fast they want played.


Also, confirm your music library is legit and current and that your programming will conform to the expected standards of the client.


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nancy, I think that semi formal probably means in terms of dance maybe something along Proms for high school, but maybe a little more slow dance thrown in. I'm thinking Emcee duty and light it up after dinner. Do you have a theme provided to you as yet?


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In my parts, I rock them hard just like any other school dance. Ours have absolutely NO formalities of any kind, they just call it semi-formal so the students don't dress like crap.


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Back in the day ...... the difference was at a FORMAL you wore a tux and she wore a full length gown; at a SEMI-FORMAL you'd wear a suit & tie or sport coat & tie and she'd wear a knee length cocktail dress. Over the years the dress codes have been down graded but my guess is they don't want them wearing jeans and T-shirts. As for the music ..... that shouldn't change; ROCK 'EM HARD and KEEP 'EM DANCING!


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I do formals and semi-formals for college events. Its basically like all other dances but everyone is more dressed up and we provide a larger sound and light show....
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