Seattle Specialties (SSI) again...

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They're calling again, and that means insults for anybody who doesn't want to do business! In case anybody else gets a call and even *thinks* about doing business with them, here's a near verbatim transcript of my conversation:

(Caller ID indicates unknown caller, unknown number)

ME: PolarSounds Entertainment. This is Eric.

SSI: Yeah, is the owner in?

ME: Who is calling?

SSI: This is Jeff. Are you the owner?

ME: Who are you calling with, Jeff?

SSI: I'm calling with SSI. Can I speak with the owner?

ME: I have no interest in doing business with SSI.

SSI: Who are you?

ME: I'm the owner.

SSI: Yeah, well you act like a douchebag. *click*
For those keeping score at home, they have called me a f****t, c*******r, and douchebag for having the audacity to ask the caller to identify himself and/or state that I won't do business with them.


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Two things one could do:

Get a whistle and when they call back, blow the whistle into the phone. Really loud.

Say you're glad they called and ask if they could hold on, then put the phone down (don't put them on hold) and just continue on with your day. Preferably put the phone near something that makes an identifiable noise, such as a keyboard or a table saw or something.


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Words cannot describe my outrage over these jerks.

They have called me at least 20 times.

There is almost nothing you can do.

My next step was to file a report with the Washington Attorney General. Unfortunately you have to provide your contact information to file a report. IMHO, this company is unscrupulous enough to harass me event more.



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send them my way please..... !!! make sure to tell them to call me around 5pm like all the other telemarketers do every eveing as we sit down for dinner.
I have a 1 and a half year old that would LOVE to scream his head off on the phone ! LOL !!!


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You clearly have not received any phone calls from them. They would be unaffected by anything you do.

They have called me so many times...that I have had the opportunity to try every approach I can think of with them. Heck, I even tried to buy from them (pretended to want their product). They still hung up on me. They truly don't care.
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