School Dance Guidelines for Teachers & Administrators

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CJ Greiner

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I saw a post a while ago where someone shared a copy of
School Dance Guidelines for Teachers & Administrators

I can't seem to find it now, even using the search function... maybe it was on the "old"

I remember it being a 2-Page document that told the parents/teachers/administrators what to expect during the dance, how the DJ would only play "radio-clean" songs, etc., etc., etc.

Anybody know someone who has this and is willing to share?

Thanks! :)>-
Did you check DJU? I believe there's one on there that fits your description, developed by Randy Mueller if I recall correctly.

Edit: I can't find it on DJU for the life of me, but did find what I had saved to my hard drive... let me know if this is what you were looking for.


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CJ Greiner

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That's it!

Yes, I checked DJU before I posted, and I couldn't find it either.

And if these are the small images, are there larger, higher-quality images?
(In the original post, the author said we could use them as long as proper credit remained with the article, but I still can't find that post.)

These are well-written, and work well as additional information to provide to schools when looking for more business, or boosting the business you already have.


It wouldn't let me attach the full-size versions because they're bigger than 1024x1024. Email me ( and I can send them to you.


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Who is the author of these articles? I'd like to use them, but I would like to give credit to the author and ask his/her permission first. Thanks!
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