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Hi Very One,

How many of you have gotten scam email from person claiming that they can hear so this is why they are emailing? I have gotten about 1 or 2 a month last year (2016).

Well, I just got a new one, for me anyway.

This person access my website and creates a request.
An email comes to me and will some odd stuff.
Note: this party in on a Sunday only 9 days before the date.

Here is the first email from a person looking for a DJ:

Thanks for getting back to me. My Name is roses martins. I am 38yrs,
divorced and blessed with a son. My Son, Kelvin would be celebrating
his 20th year birthday on 05 of March 2017. I'm current working in
spain but I will be back 3days to the party. The guest will be 50 -70.
The Hours of the event is 5hours from 2pm to 7pm. Kindly get back to
me with the cost charges for the hours.


I get a few clues here but I still continue to reply anyway...

Hi Roses,

Thanks for the information, this will me give you a better quote. However, I just have a few follow-up questions which could lower my quote. Where is your even going to be (a city would be fine). Will the party be held at a private home or hall? Lastly, will this held inside or outside?

Let me know the answer to my questions so that I can give you a better quote than $250 per hour. Also, all quotes include a small lighting package for these types of parties.

Thanks for your email and I'll check my email first thing tomorrow morning since you're in a different time zone. I will read your answers and give you a new quote based on your answers.
Next email:

Thanks for getting back to me. The price is fine by me. We have not
get a good venue yet but I would get back to you once we have the
location. A check will be mail out to you including the event planner
fee and I will like you to get back to me with the necessary
information to get the check accross to you such as.

Full Name..
Zip code..

Once I receive the information. The payment will be mail out to you.

I will be waiting to hear from you.


My email back to her:

Good morning Roses,

I've just finished an event and now have stopped to get bit to eat before heading home for the night.

Great that makes it easy but here is what my company offer to private clients. Unlike companies who only pay with checks you have a few options.

· You can pay me a retainer of $200 with a credit card and then paying the balance on the day of the in cash or again with a credit card. Once I have received the the retainer I will email a contract to fill out and sign or you can go onto my website to sign the contract I can create for you.

· Or you can go online and sign the contract then pay me in full the day of the event before I set up.

· Lastly, since you're getting back before the event we could meet anywhere you like. Generally this meeting is held at my office, a public place like a mall, restaurant, or even at a police station if that feels safer.

Those are your choices. Let me which works better you.

Let me know ASAP since date is just around the corner and the sooner we get things going the better the changes you have of me being your Dj for this even.

Now to get home, shower, and hit the hey. I hope to hear (read) your selection today before my next event on 2-25. I'm rolling out to old town in Riverside for a big wedding...

We'll talk and/or meet soon...


What do you think about this client email. Did it sound funny to you or was I worry about nothing.

She never let me know where in the states (if here at all) was the party going to be... :)



Mark Evans

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My response is always the same.....delete and move on. By acknowledging them they know they have a live person and will continue to try other companies. I keep telling everyone to stop replying and maybe some day they will stop trying this but it is obvious that some DJ's have fallen for this and why they continue.
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Ya, true that...

This was the first time they go to go to my website first and fill out a request form...
But with a name like roses and going into some unwanted or needed info did catch my eye.
Then when she said OK to that price too fast and then asking for my information I knew something was up.

I will control myself a little better and if they don't give info I need like City and maybe a phone that I can call. I may just past it on to the next person...

Thanks for having a look and ringing in...

CadDog Out...


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"A check will be mail out to you including the event planner
fee and I will like you to get back to me with the necessary
information to get the check accross to you such as.


This is an updated better English version of the old Nigerian Email scammers. Bottom line, their check is worthless, no contract, and no specifics. You could be playing in Cape Verde South Africa for all you know. Delete and move on. They are trying to get your account information, and if you use PAYPAL, change password NOW. They have your email. They are halfway there, and who knows, could have used MALWARE to access your computer. paranoid, yes, safe...absolutely!
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Coastal Music Services
Bill and Mark are spot on my friend. Delete on move forward. Had them on my e-mail several times over the past year and you don't want anything to do with it, PERIOD....


Wow, this is great to know.
I hope others are reading this.
I have gotten in the past few years a lot of text messages but when I asked them to call me directly
Out came the information that they couldn't because the were deaf...
I really thought for a while that it was some type of joke.
But once I read that they couldn't call to talk to me about their event because they were deaf,
I thought, why is this person out of all persons looking for a DJ...

Anyway, this is the first time these types of emails started from my website.

Note to all: If you get an email with only a email address.
Pass that puppy by...

Thanks all...


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That's what this forum is all about:). PS, I recently discovered something about Messenger on Facebook /phone. So let's say you have Paypal/EBAY/OTHER FINANCIAL APP set up. You get hacked. Your messenger actually has an option to SEND MONEY! It's those three dots on the right lower side of the messenger screen. I've deleted messenger off my phone, so that it cannot be used against me.

Mark Evans

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Just an update on what they do and they are getting better at it. They get you to agree to a price and send you a safe and secure money order for your deposit.....ah but they send it for thousands of dollars more than your retainer fee and ask you to forward the balance to another vendor. Now you deposit the money order and use your bank to send the balance to the other vendor. The bank does not know the MO is fake until about a month are out the deposit PLUS the money you sent to the other vent PLUS they have your account information. Delete and move on.


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Ive been getting them by text, last one came a week ago, asking me if I take credit cards, I replied, yes I do, but not from scammers, funny , never heard back.

Ive also got the email that the person was deaf, it is very easy to spot them, delete and move on.

Red flag should always be if they want to hire you with out asking about your pricing , I see that and it's insta delete.