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If you have insurance with them , good luck actually getting a hold of someone or getting a call back. I have been trying for 3 days now , left multiple messages , called multiple times and it's like no one works there. I have insurance with them and have been trying to get a hold of them with no luck.

I have called the 1-800-364-2433 and even 1-818-755-5027 , very frustrating:bad-words: Has anyone else had trouble getting a hold of them ? All I get is a prompt to leave voice-mail after about a minute on hold and I have called probably 20 times. Never a live person.


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I feel your pain >>> http://start.mobilebeat.com/showthr...stormer-Service-R-V-Nuccio-amp-Associates-Inc
So I re-up'd my DJ Liability insurance through the ADJA. There was an issue on the insurance side verifying my membership # in the ADJA. So R.V. Nuccio & Associates customer service rep NORMA @ x-215 tells me I have to call Drax and fix the issue. I responded by saying, "You know what Martha, I'm paying your firm, and by extension you, for a service. Simply because you're having a difficult time verifying my membership doesn't mean your work has now become mine...you need to do that. I'm sure you have their phone #". "That's Not MY JOB!", retorted Norma @ x-215. "Oh really? Then I want a full refund N O W !!!". Martha countered with "Oh, just send me an e-mail stating that.".

I was boiling mad so I called Drax. Drax backed me up 110%. "Tell Norma that if she believes that isn't her job, I want her and Kerry (her boss) on a conference call PRONTO!". Norma and I had what I call a "Come to Jesus" talk and she promptly got a better attitude. If you happen to deal with her ever, please send her my best and don't take any $#!+ from her.

Customer service from Norma (x-215) of R.V. Nuccio & Associates, Inc FAIL

Call Drax. As the posts in my link will tell you, Drax will get you the results you want and will do so fast. Good luck. -Z-
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I will second the fact that Drax will get you a quick response. He always has come through for me. It would sure be nice though if they'd actually answer the phone, or return a call to someone other than the policy group admin. Their customer service sucks. Thankfully Drax's does not. :)


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Well someone finally called me back. I guess apparently the rep I was assigned to has been out of the office for several days. So I had another rep contact me and help me out. Hopefully things go better from here on out. So far so good and hopefully it won't happen again in the future if I ever need to contact them.


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Well I've discovered that you can't expect too much out of these insurance companies whose premiums are under $1K per year .... I strongly suggest you read the "fine print" very carefully. You might be surprised at what you find.


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I had a camera bag stolen at a wedding and I was sent a check for $3400 from them. It took maybe 2 months between the filing of the police report and insurance paperwork but I got the check. I guess I can't complain about them.
Of course, the other side of the question is, what kind of issues will you really have that you will need an immediate response from your DJ insurance company?

If you are a single op, playing at a wedding, in reality, what can't wait until Monday? Now if you're running a all out event production / huge show, hopefully you have more then just basic DJ Liability Insurance. Just like their is different gear for every level of service, there is different type and levels of insurance, like Nicky referred to.


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Sooner is always better if possible,. Reporting when something happens as soon as it happens is the correct thing to do. Police reports, witnesses, etc all need to be reported and/or gathered as soons as it is possible.

If you wait, or don't collect this information at the scene, that can become problematic when filing a claim, no matter what type of insurance you have.

with respect to our original poster, he indicated to have called repeatedly with no response after 3 days.

That's not acceptable.

I would go with Erie or some other larger company that has 7x24 claim service, and forget dealing with someone who has repeatedly demonstrated to many members on this forum(me included) that they simply do not care about their service.

I would also point out that they are a M-F operation Pac time 830-5 per their website.

In 2006, I applied to them after joining the ADJA, and had a policy already in place with Erie that I was going to cancel.

They told me that me I was declined and not insurable....certainly an inplausible conclusion since yes, I was already insured. I haven't looked back.

While it is awesome that Dr. Drax provides a superior level of service to ADJA members, to assist them with their claims, the fact that he has to bang these folks over the head to get them to do basic customer service is no reflection on him, but rather on them. He shouldn't have to get involved to make them do their job. The fact that he goes above and beyond is all credit due him, but the fact that he has to do that on occasion reflects very poorly on them.

In life, you have a few options.

1. You can do nothing and accept what is happening
2. You can do something and try to change it.
3. You can quit what you are doing, because it isn't working, and do something else.

The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, and expecting a different result.

Option 3 is anathema to most of us, but I find sometimes that it is effective. it is the hardest lesson to learn, and some of us never do learn it.
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They really do give good service. They give incredible service for such a puny premium. They also get a lot of calls from idiots. Sometimes things happen that are messed up, but that is usually a function of they haven't been fully trained on all aspects of the coverage. I have listened to the recordings of the conversations. What I listen to embarrasses me for our industry. There is a reason the policy is online & has a great easy to use sign up procedure. It works. It's fast & you generally don't have to wait for somebody to call you back. Our phone system at the ADJA has an option for Insurance, it gives very detailed clear instructions on the coverage, what is covered, what is not. What it costs & how you go about buying it. Yet I get people that call me, I know that they selected the insurance option & they listened to the message. YET they ask me the exact questions I answered on the message. So All I can say is there comprehension must be low. Sometimes I have to repeat the same answer 4-5 times. Hello McFly!

Our customer service agents are good people. They are not simply managing ONE policy, they are managing many. It is hard to get & maintain good qualified help when they get a daily rash of profanity, screaming & hollering at them because you can't get what you want. Again, I have listened to the phone calls & listened as OUR policies were explained clearly to them, & listened to the DJ get more & more beligerrent when he couldn't get his way. Eventually he swears, calls them names & uses language that would make a sailor blush. All for the meager salary that they get paid. Who would put up with that every day? If DJs would only shut up, listen to the answer the first time, 90% of the issues go away. The issue is the above circumstance will burn 5-10 minutes even tho they got the final answer in the first 60 seconds.

Most DJs call for answers that they are simply too lazy to read. they call at 8:00, the office doesn't open till 9, the phone system says that, but they call 15 more times before 9. then they call again. & again. Then when they get a call back or answered, they immediately start blasting them for not getting back to them immediately. Again, I have listened to the calls. I guess they can't figure out that if you call 20 times leaving a message, that you might not get a call back very soon as they have to listen to 20 messages left over 6 minutes times the other 6 guys that all called before 9.....

Our claims process is faster than ANY other carrier in the industry. I know a guy that took 6 months to report all his gear stolen then demanded that it all be settled in a few hours. He is a buffoon. I would not want these peoples jobs.

I will tell you the instructions I have given them. If anyone curses, or uses obscene or profane language with them that they are to simply tell them to call me & I will tell them that we are not going to have them on our policy. Our group policy is that there is NO room for unprofessional language or conduct with people trying hard to do a good job. Yes we can all get frustrated, but swearing at them doesn't make it work any better.

I am always available to help any of our members or ANY DJ in the industry because that is what we do. We Help DJs to Build & Grow Their Business. It is why we are the ONLY Real Trade association for DJs.

Call me any time.

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Please feel free to call me anytime to tell me about your experience. I would love to hear the good, the bad & the ugly.


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I had a camera bag stolen at a wedding and I was sent a check for $3400 from them. It took maybe 2 months between the filing of the police report and insurance paperwork but I got the check. I guess I can't complain about them.

I'm not sure why it took 2 months for them to pay you but that seems way too long. In this day and age claims can be handled within a week or two. I had a friend who totaled her car and not her fault. Her insurance company had her in a brand new vehicle by that evening. Wreck happened at 11 am and by 6pm she was in her new car. Yes , I realize that is not DJ insurance, but no way it should take that long.

What if a person were just a single system DJ company and you lost all your gear ? 2 months would put you out of business.
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