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I know I could prob just stalk everyone's profiles. But I am curious.. what state are you from?

I'll start.



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Born & Raised in the Great State of New York (Westchester County, just north of NYC)

Presently living in exile, in the "bury" area of Connecticut. Still a NY Sports fan. All the poor b@$+@rd$ up here have to root for are the Red Sox.

The goal of the wife & I is to get a beach side condo on either Eagle or Palm beach in Aruba...and retire there. -Z-


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I'm on the island of Maui.

From the country of Hawaii.

Okay, state of Hawaii...but some people think or treat us like it's another country.....just because I get to type this from the convenience of my grass hut on the beach....


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Northern Maine, Limestone.....
I had never heard of Limestone, so I just googled it! Wow - Northern is right ... doesn't look like too much USA once you get past Limestone, that's for sure! What's the weather like?
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