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Chuck Amstone

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If you download a track from napster/MSN etc and it's at a bitrate of 128 then you burn it to a CD then reripp at 192... is there a loss of quality since it was originally at 128?


Ken Petersen

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Consider the steps you are taking.

- If you find a pixelated, out-of-focus, image on the internet;
- Then print it out at the highest DPI your printer can support onto the highest quality photo paper on the market.
- Now you have your hard copy;
- Scan that into your machine at the highest resolution your scanner can support.

What do you have?

The highest quality incredibly large file size image of junk that you started with.

Brandon Fisher

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Yes there is a loss in quality. Unfortunetly once a song is ripped to any bit rate MP3 you can't get it to a higher quality then that. .wav is choice for top quality but 192k is the lowest I would go on MP3.

James Kane

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Ken is pretty close in his assessment.

Take a lossy compressed file and recompress it again you will lose roughly 10kpbs of quality per generation.

The interesting thing is when you take one codec and recompress with another. AAC and WMA are more efficient than MP3 at representing the same information. So if you take a ABR128 AAC file and decompress it, it will have roughly the same quality as an ABR192 MP3 file.

So taking a song from iTMS, burning it to a disc, and reimporting as a VBR MP3 should get you about ABR180 quality. Which typically isn't too much worse than the initial rip from CD. Certainly good enough for a one shot playback.
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