Revisiting The Mobile Beat Top 200

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It is no secret I am a fan of lists, especially music lists.

The MB Top 200 is comprehensive, and I have several other lists that help guide music recommendations I make.

Do you have a list that you utilize for reference?

What I am looking for are lists that one does not have to fork over $$$ for and can cross over to genre specific and even involve popular videos, karaoke, and regional tastes.

For example, everyone knows Billboard has very well-researched lists, AT40 has a list, MTV used to have their top 20, iTunes has their popular download lists, etc.

Some smaller lists I used to follow were Country Dance Lines (since out of publication), certain radio station top song playlists, lists from other countries, popular nightclub playlists, and all sorts of obscure resources.

What are some lists you like to follow?


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I like lists. There. I said it.
I have many sources so I can be in the know about music and what's happening in the industry.

You already may be aware of these, but here are a few you might want to have available as research or reference (or entertainment!)

Music lists by year or genre ... and lots more

When doing family events, what's the programming like "this week" on Disney Radio?

Singles sales chart

iTune sales chart / browse

Singles Airplay charts

What was happening with AT40?


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Have to bookmark that one. Thanks DSR. I usually go to PrimeCuts Music and download the latest list from them.


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In all honesty, I don't think there is any one chart that's totally accurate for the entire USA ...... I find song choices to be geographical in nature. However, I find it GREAT to have choices!
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