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I just received this through my DJI account:
The location has been removed by me, but lets just say it has a lot of steps and no elevator.

How would you respond?

Event: Wedding
Location: ******
Guests: 100
In one word describe how you envision your event:: PARTY!!

Are there any family traditions or special events (dances, songs,
games) you wish to incorporate into your event?: Yes

What role so you see your DJ playing at your event?: DJ, Announcer -
someone cheap and in our budget!!! Less than $300. All we are really
looking for is music (playlist), decent speakers and a microphone-nothing
fancy. No announcing is needed if you can do less than $300

Date: Saturday, October 07, 2006
Times: 7:00 PM to 11:00 PM


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"I'm sorry, but your budget does not fit into my level of entertainment. My rates start at $749 for 4 hours and go up from there....."

PASS! Next customer...


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Dear <Your Name Here>,

I have passed along your information to <insert budget DJ here... we all know one>. If you wish to follow up directly with <insert budget DJ here>, you may call (number).

You may find that few entertainers will perform, especially in <name of venue> for $300 or less. I wish you the best in finding one who will meet your needs.


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I would respond like this:

"I have a PA rental system that I could set up for you within that price range. Thank you for inquiring"



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My $300 weddings are only in January and less then 5 minutes from my house. I would be happy to DJ your wedding if you can change the date and venue to a date and location more suitable to your price range.


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Either don't respond at all or if it is your co. policy to respond to all inquiries just qoute them your price. You do not need all the educational digs with your qoute. I would simply tell them our 3 package prices and thats it. No educating the bride hoopla.


Jill, you didn't really receive this did you? If so, send it either to Dan Sims (CM), or John Scott, (he'll do it for just about any price if he isn't already booked).



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Yes, I really did receive this. It was for the Morgan Street Brewery. The girl is from Union MO. Apparently one of our past customers reffered us.

She actually got a quote from our site and them sent a contact form asking for the lower rate.

I was thinking about sending her to either Dan or Matt. I have never met John. I don't really know anyone else that would do a reception on a prime date for that price.



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I think I agree to simply respond that the budget for entertainment isnt in your price range and thank her for the inquiry.

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Simply reply:

Our Reception packages start at $<xxx>. If you can find the additional amount in your budget, we would love to provide you with an evening full of fun memories.

Otherwise we wish you the best on your day.

Here is the name of <contact at local rental place> that can provide you with a rental system for the amount you have currently budgeted.

-- End

I really don't believe in hooking these people up with the cheap guys. It's on them to find each other since the sub-$300 guy usually doesn't advertise or have a business line.

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Another simple reply might be to thank her for the inquiry but you are already booked for that date and wish her well. Short and sweet.


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My response....[DELETE]. I received request from another DJ referral site and the budget said "less than $500". Why waste my time?

Even the rental places in my town charge $525 for a "DJ System". I find it humorous that DJs will work for less than rental of similar gear.



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I Still say my idea was the best:

My $300 weddings are only in January and less then 5 minutes from my house. I would be happy to DJ your wedding if you can change the date and venue to a date and location more suitable to your price range.

There is actually is 3 nice venues less then a mile away from me so for $300 for a date i would have nothing anyway, no parking fees or tolls, NO lights or STEPS...seems like a doable trade off.
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