Received my ADJ passes to the MBLV customer appreciation party. . . yesterday!

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In yesterday's mail (2/21/13), I received a large envelope from American DJ. Opened it up to find a nice sticker, letter, and two personalized passes with lanyards to the ADJ customer appreciation party at MBLV on 2/6/13, a party that took place 15 days ago. I received an email from ADJ about a month prior to the Vegas show and signed up for the party in advance. The postmark on the envelope shows that it was mailed to me on 2/18/13, almost two weeks after the party took place. Did anyone else receive their passes after the fact? I appreciate ADJ's support to the industry and the show. Hate to see them go to this type of expense.

DJ Jonny T

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I got mine and that of 2 others whom I had signed up weeks before Vegas. Maybe that's why there were not as many peeps there as I would have expected.

Ken Heath

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Okay, I called the folks I know at American DJ and found out the following...

They printed out the passes and sent them out uo until the date everything ahd to ship to Vegas, in Vegas they had the passes waiting for anyone who applied after the shipping date, some people never picked theirs up so they mailed them out afterward as keepsakes of the show.

The passes are a fun thing to show some spirit, they've never been required for entry to their Customer Appreciation Party, (I know that's true because I'm usually working the door for them). So there you have it!

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