Quinceanera Setup

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Last night we did a Quinceanera for over 200 guests. It was a great party and we ended up booking 1 hour overtime. In addition, we booked a Christening for 5/11 with the Mother as well as her two other daughters Quinceanera's which will be coming up within the next couple of years.

The tough part of this job was the limited amount of time available for setup. There was another party in the room until 4 pm...we had a 6 pm start. In addition to the main room setup shown in these pix, we had a second room setup, Paparazzi Red Carpet setup and photo booth. The main room was real tough as it was L shaped so we had to position flat screens to cover these areas. Uplighting and table pinspotting was also provided. Normally, we would need at least 4 hours for this setup. We had 2 hours. To accomplish the setup we brought in a larger crew to handle the setup in time. It was organized chaos for setup...LOL, but using experienced guys for a setup like this paid off. They got it all done in the 2 hours. Thanks to Richie, Pat, Sebastian, Steve, Harold and Flip

Here's a couple of pix:



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We have an "L" shaped room around here that's a real PITA, too.
You basically spend the entire night ignoring half of the guests.

Nice job on the fast set up.
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