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dj Vecchio

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Hey does any 1 here promote the school dances that they booke with say a post card or flyer?

I have a lead on a dance and they asked if we can help promote the dance with like a rave style card.

sorry to say i havent ssen any in a long time nor do i know where to get any printed

thanks for the help


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Post card or flyer sounds awfully "old school" compared to promoting via say ... facebook, or social media.

Super Cool would be "kryptic" 1/2 size or postcard - you have to know SOMETHING to understand .....

Our local high school did one last year with flyers around the school with "tear-offs" (you know, like baby sitter needed) - then the kids that actually brought the tear off to the dance were entered into a raffle .... that worked pretty good I understand....

Steve Lynch

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I do 5000 uv coated double sided flyers for $99 for every dance.

You cannot possibly get all the kids to friend a facebook page, but the schools seem to love the cards.

I quit offering them a few years back, and every year they ask "when are the postcards coming?"


Your moms favorite DJ! check em out, thats where most flyers & postcards I see for event are printed from 1000 5x7 postcards are only 84.99 full color, save $10 if you let them tag your print with their website address.
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