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I want to rip my old promo only dvds . what is the best ripper that will rip individual tracks ( It doesn't need to be a free app , Its the cost of doing business
Already have hand break


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There are any number of video converters (i.e. .vob to .mp4) ........ I personally use AVS which has a whole litany of different converter utilities but its a "purchase one license and use the entire library at will."


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One I'm currently having great success with is Movavi Video Converter. It does them all. DVD to mp4 in batch file mode? No problem. VEMO & YouTube .flv and .mkv to .mp4? No problem.

I have Handbrake and Freemake Video Converter, however Movavi has the most user friendly GUI-for-idiots (that'll be me) and seems to provide the faster yet highest quality rips & conversions.
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