Prom Tunes?

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KZ, depends. In our area, some artists that are hot right now are :

Drake, The Weeknd,Travis Scott,Fetty Wap,J.Cole, Flo-rida,Jeremih,Rae Sremmurd, Bryson Tiller, DJ Khaled, Young Thug, Kevin Gates, Chainsmokers, Rihanna, Twenty One Pilots,Geazy, T-Wayne, ......

Make sure you find "clean" versions. Good luck.
Do you want best or most popular??

Our first proms of the year are this weekend so I've been studying up recently... seems like a LOT of what is popular now has a somewhat strange "feel" as far as BPM and energy level goes. We don't normally play a lot of remixes, but have a feeling we may do so more this year if I can find versions that I like.

As far as being both decent and popular, My House by Flo Rida and No by Meghan Trainor are probably the biggest standouts IMO. Work by Rihanna, Work From Home by Fifth Harmony, Cake By The Ocean, 2 Phones by Kevin Gates, Roses by Chainsmokers (Primecuts has a squeaky clean version) are others I expect to be popular.


Thanks - I'll check out 2 Phones, haven't listened to that one yet. I try to use remixes or my own enhanced songs when possible. Any added "thump" helps with the dancing. ;)
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