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I've been running Virtual DJ for a few years now on my Denon DN-MC6000, but am thinking of switching to Tractor. Virtual DJ has worked fine for me, but I 'm thinking about changing. Any thoughts ?

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Try it and if you like it switch. I saw several DJ's ayr #MBLV20 that were using it and seemed to love it. VDJ 7 and 8 work great with the unit so I am sticking with it, even though I just picked up the 4000 as a back up. I could use Serato with the 4000 but I like the features of 8 a lot.


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I'm a little 'old school' and prefer VDJ to Tractor mainly because of the wide choices of displays. Being an old timer, I prefer the look of the old CD player styles. If you feel Tractor best suits you, go for it as it is a very stable and well supported software package.

My skin of choice is VDJ's MixLab 3.1 because I like the way it displays Audio, Karaoke and Video and the ease with which it transitions from one to another.
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Thanks for the reply's. I've downloaded Traktor and I definitely like VDJ better. I'm sure with practice, Traktor will fall in place, It's nice to a backup program.
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