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he needs to go to prison, when the first accusations started years ago, i felt it was money hungry people trying to make a quick buck. after seeing the specials about him and following the trial i just think that there are too many things pointing to his guilt. lock him up in general population and let him fend for himself.


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So I've Learned...Love is my possesion...........

Guilty. Everything points at him and has for years.

BUTTTT then again I thought OJ was and IS as well but he was let free. We shall see.

My bet is that he makes a new album when he is found guily or not.

Songs like:
I'm still here
me and the kids
ride at my amusment park
aint touchin nothin no more (but still satisfied)


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As much as I would love for him to rot in a cell with 'bubba', I was not at the trial and did not hear all the testimony, therefore won't speculate on his guilt or innocence. It is up to the prosecution to prove their case, without reasonable doubt.

Personally, I think that the man is living in his own 'Neverland', previously inhabited by Howard Hughes.


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They'll find the freak not guilty, he'll get out, release a new album, the music industry will rally back around him, he'll make millions, and we'll go through this again in a few more years when some greedy parent allows their kid to sleep in his bed.


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I guess I'm a minority with a "I truly don't care" vote. The media is skewed one way or the other, the jurors have the real information, and it won't affect my life whether he's found guilty or not. I couldn't find the emoticon for "yawn". :D



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I wish he goes to jail and runs out of money and see Neverland go on the auction block and forcing Michael to sell his stake on the Beatles copyrights. Paul McCartney should have these not Michael. :evil:

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fist said:
BUTTTT then again ...
In this context, a rather interesting choice of wording and spelling! :lol:

I doubt that MJ is innocent, but I think he will end up buying himself a Not Guilty verdict. Hey, if OJ can buy his freedom, so can MJ. :roll:

I agree with Curt:


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I don't get it. We are not in the courtroom and really don't have all the facts that are admissible in this case. MJ is the king of pop and his music and shows have been a phenomenon. People can sure turn on you in a hurry. With this in mind. If all these parents thought that this had happened before WHY would you let your kid sleep over or even go over un-attended.....sounds like money hungry people again.

Is he weird now....I vote guilty on that charge


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I dont need any other facts than that Primetime Special I saw where he himself said," I see the face of God in the childrens' eyes!" "Yes, they sleep with me in my bed, but its not sexual!" C'mon! Guilty! Guilty! Guilty! Too bad Johnny Cochran passed away - he might have had a shot at truly getting off!


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I go for ...

Wasn't there. Don't know.

Didn't follow. Don't Care

Definetly guilty of WIERD!

However, I agree with hawk...He really stabbed McCartney in the back with the Beatles music. Love to see him lose that back to Paul.

Honestly, If he IS found guilty. I feel they alleged "parents" of the kids ought to rot in jail also. They are just as guilty of using their kids as a pawn to set jackson up. ANYONE that lets their kids stay with michael alone are not good parents. period!


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And I think he should be locked up in with the WORST of the WORST!

In a few days his makeup will be rubbed off, and it will be because he was face down on the pillow! Sorry, but thats MY opinion!

As for the parents.. GUILTY as well!

And on the subject of a monetary reward to the families.. give them .....


are you ready ????


ONE DOLLAR! And then tax that !

WEIRD, Flaky, hell, I remember when MJ WAS black!


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If he is actually guilty, then the first kid and his parents who settled out of court for big money should be charged for prostitution.
It seems that guilty or not the peter pan of pop will have to sell the Beatles Library. That's a good thing.

I heard that in jail no make-up or wigs are allowed so if he ends up in jail the first guard that can smuggle a pic to the media probably won't have to work again. That pic would be worth a fortune but I doubt I'd really want to see it myself! Yuck!

I can see lots of Dr. Demento, Weird Al, Bob & Tom type songs coming out though like "Bubba John (is not my lover)" and "Pen"(Ben) or "Killer!!!!"(Thriller).

Seems like climbing trees, riding roller coasters, and sleeping on the floor isn't good for the spine.

I made my vote on the info I've read and heard but I wasn't a member of the Jury so I trust in their decision and will stand behind it.

One has to feel sorrow for child stars though since so many have had tragic lives or have died after "celebrity status" evaded them and they couldn't cope.

I just hope he doesn't give up completely on lfe and decides to help others with this same affliction. Which would begin with admitting what he was doing is wrong and others shouldn't do it.

I'm glad you asked Dustin.
I hope that Michael doesn't take his own life if he is convicted
and if he is acquited I hope he finally sees that his ways have been wrong regardless of the decision and he realizes through his faith in Jehovah that he can convince others that Buggering other Men and Boys is wrong.

He has a huge fan base that spans 10 year olds and up so he should use this to make the world better by stating Child Abusers should be Hung or Shot.

Dustin, do you have a better solution?
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