powered subs -- Mackie 1501 vs. EV SbA 760?

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Anyone know how EV's 15" powered sub compares with Mackie's? (The current models being the EV SbA 760 and the Mackie 1501 -- prior models being the EV SbA 750 and the Mackie 1500)?

I currently use Mackie subs (an old pair of 1500s) matched with EV tops (the SxA 250s) and am thinking of getting new subs and am wondering which to get.

P.S. Before someone jumps in and recommends the B-52 ACT subs, I am NOT considering those -- they are a bit heavier than the Mackies and EV's, just heavy enough to make 'em too heavy for me to lug around.

-Steve Hoffman/GOOD NOTE DJs

Brandon Fisher

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I have not heard the SBa subs yet either one but I have nothing but good things about them. I did own the SRS 1500's and they did well with my SXa 100's but not so well with the SRM 450's.


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Steve -

I can tell you from personal hands-on experience and use, that in my opinion, the Mackie 1500/1501 subs don't come close to the punch and quality of the EV SBa-760. I had two Mackie SRM-450's and two Mackie SRS-1500's but only kept them for a month. At diner set volumes, they sounded phenominal but when pushed for dancing, they became much too harsh and two subs could not keep up with two 450's. Yes, they can be EQ'd but when a speaker requires -9 to -12 DB of high and mid 'cut' to make them sound good .... there is something wrong with that speaker!

I've switched to two EV SBa-750 subs (predecessor to the 760 which has an extended bottom end) with two SXa-360 tops (more powerful, lighter and "much warmer" than the SRM-450's) and I'm staying with them. From what I've heard out there, the only thing that comes close are the FBT's and support on those is a little tougher to come by in my area.


Mark Beecher

I used to own 2 1500's. TO ME there was little difference in using two vs. 1. I sold both and bought 1 1501. HUGE improvement. I'm happy with it.
I also use ev sxa 250's

I would like to buy a pair of the b52s for school work. Right now what I have is usually not enough to do it right.


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I own a pair of Sba760's and believe they are one of the best sounding powered single 15's on the market. I too use them in conjunction with Sxa250s and am totally impressed with the low end performance for such a small compact enclosure. Better sounding 40Hz region than my previous S181's with just a small sacrifice in output.

The Sba760's are very portable with the rear wheel configuration and can easily be picked up to be transported in the back of a van or trailer. I would highly recommend these boxes in conjunction with the Sxa 250's.

I bought some nice tuki covers from Bill and they are holding up well for the past year or so.

Never been impressed with the Mackie products in general. Not my type of sound - not flaming, just a personal preference!



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I'm a Mackie fan. I own the 350's, 450's, 1520's, 1530's, srs1500's and the sws1801's.... need I say anymore?


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My vote is the Mackie 1501. I use this sub with my FBT Maxx6A and the sound is awesome. Mackie Is The Man
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