power conditioners..

which one

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taking a survey on what everyone is using...I am looking for one to put in my amp rack which consist of a qsc 3402 ( running 2^'s full range) a 2402 (running bridged mono @ 4^'s) and a Driverack PA. I would need at least a 20 amp conditioner..



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How ya Doin Hutt,
I Use The Furman Plus with the two lights that you pull out and also with the built in power meter.IMHO i swear by it after an incident i had while doing an outside gig on the 4th of july and i plugged into an extension which i never checked to see how it was routed which was pretty stupid on my part.It Turns out that someone had emptied a cooler right where the extension was plugged into another one in order to make it long enough to reach where i was set up and made a puddle of water at that very spot which caused a big problem for my system as you could imagine.The unit committed sucide but saved my system from further damage other than to the unit.I dont use it for my amps because during some parties it trips the circut breaker.Also i heard that if you dont get enough juice to those QSC's when in mono blocked mode they will not turn on to operate.Just giving you a heads up on that Not unless QSC Fixed that problem and im not aware of it.Let me Know Cause Im curious.



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I use a FURMAN as well. PL8 is the model I believe, not sure.

They protect well against EMI and RFI, and in general take care of your entire system.

I use a PL PRO with the LED meter with my 2 QSC amps which power 4 cerwin vega sl36b's, and 2 elite 2204 tops. I've had no problems...

I use the PL8 for my rack case, with the dual cd player, mixer, etc etc.


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If you are going to be running a bridged amp over with 2500w or more I would really sugest one with an amp meter in addition to voltage. It is very handy if you plan on running minus a distro.

You are running 1 amp at 2 ohm stereo and one in 4 ohm bridge? I would look at getting TWO Furman PM-Pro's or PM-8's. I have used the PM-8's (15-amp) with bridged 3402's under hard 4 hour use with great results. My rig has 2 bridged PLX 3402's (each driving a sub stack) and a Stereo 3402 running Six tops. I use 2 PM-8's (one per sub amp) and a RR15NL for the top amp and all the media electronics and proccessing.

My other rig uses a single PM-8 for a bi-amped rig but the amps are both run 8-ohm stereo and the power draw is far less. Even at the weld setting loud it won't draw over 10 amps.


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I have the PM-PRO DM. It has the ammeter/voltmeter built in, which is pretty nice to see how much current your setup is pulling. (RMS)

It comes with a 20-amp plug. So you are going to have to buy a $14 20-amp to 15-amp adapter to plug it into sockets that only have the standard 15-amp outlet.
I have a PL-plus and the visual voltage indicator has saved my ass a couple times... why a newer hotel would have one fricking circuit in their banquet room is beyond me, though. I just plug my amp(s) straight into the wall.

Uncle Mike

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I'm curious who else just plugs there amps straight into the wall like Steve. I do this also and use my rack mounted Furman PL Plus for just the electronics like cd players, microphones, mixer, facade lighting etc. I never thought it was a good idea to have the amp plugged into the same power conditioner as this other stuff. Am I right?

Should there be two power conditioners?
One for just the amp and another one for the rackmounted electronics?


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PL-Plus user here also. The built in voltmeter has saved me a lot of grief on several occasions, especially in those venues with less than perfect power.


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My big biamped system uses an ETA Systems PD10VRS Line Conditioner / Voltage Regulator.

My smaller tabletop/ceremony system uses an APC Line-R 1250 Line Conditioner / Voltage Regulator.

My lighting rack and my video rack both have Furman AR-1215 Line Conditioner / Voltage Regulators


Uncle Mike,

The idea is to have one isolated ground for sound with no outside influences. We'll have a Furman special soon. :wink:


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Really, only the sensitive low level electronics need power conditioning. They are (especially digital equipment such as a driverack) are particularly sensitive to voltage fluctuations and "dirty power."

However, i honestly have never heard an actual difference in sound quality with a power conditioned system and a non power conditioned system.

That said, i still think it is important for a mobile DJ to have a power conditioner just for additional insurane for his expensive rack mounted equipment. It's useful to prevent deadly shorts, power spikes, accdidently plugging into a 220v plug, etc.

There wont be any significant improvement to an amp that is plugged into a power conditioner, as the power supply of the amp can suppress most of the spikes and power fluctuations.

However, as the voltage dips, the amp's performance will drop accordingly. So if you can afford it, it's nice to have a power regulator for your amp to be plugged into to, to ensure that it operates at full potential. If you do that, however, make sure that the power regulator can handle the current demanded by the power amp.

I have seen and experienced a furman conditioner with two amps plugged into it, and the breaker reseted on the furman. It took nearly 15 minutes to recover!

I bought a furman AR1215 regulator because i can't afford to work off of low voltage with the Pioneer CDJ1000s. We all know how they are sensitive to low voltage!!! :roll: :roll: Ive also experienced a higher performance with my mid/high amp (plx3402) when operated on the furman regulator. No worries on the it drawing too much current on the furman since the mid/high amp doesn't draw much power.


If you are going to get a conditioner, might as well spring for a voltage regulator (may i suggest the Furman AR-1215). I suspect this one of those things, that you're going to "upgrade" to, down the line.

The downside?
high cost, you're looking at $400+
weight, the one rack space furman 1215 weighs about 15lbs

peace of mind
guarantees that your gear performs the way it should, no matter if the voltage is high or low
peace of mind
peace of mind


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Oh, btw, the only benefit from getting a PM-Pro instead of the regular one is the 20amp breaker on it. This only useful if you are plugging your amps into them (which really isn't necessary) and drawing lots power through the furman.

If you are going the regular furman power conditioner route, i would HIGHLY suggest the PM-8. Along with power conditioner, you get a ammeter. Which tells you how much power you are drawing from the wall. This is the model i used when i was using power conditioners.

it's the one in the middle

here is the regulator

hope that helps


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Jackie said:
I have seen and experienced a furman conditioner with two amps plugged into it, and the breaker reseted on the furman. It took nearly 15 minutes to recover!
Been there, done that. That's why late last year I got the 20-amp ETA unit for my big biamped system. The Furman AR-1215 from the big system went into the new video rack.
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