Power conditioner vs Surge protector..is there a difference?

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I just got talked -or suckered- into buying a Furman power conditioner...The guy said that it offers different and better protection than the computer surge protector I'm currenty using

Is this true or did I get suckered?

Should I also use the computer powerstrip/surge protector along with the Furman conditioner?


Brandon Fisher

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Furman offers some of the best surge protection available. I personally use 3 Furman PM Pro's and 1 PM 8. Which model did you get?
Suckered into buying a power conditioner instead of a surge protector?

You should thank the guy for giving you good information. And you should also shake his hand for selling you on the "Rolls Royce" of power conditoners, Furman.

Power conditioners not only protect much better against surges and spikes than plain surge protectors, but they also have extensive RFI filtering, which surge protectors don't. Why is this important? Quite succinctly, the cleaner the power going into your sound system, the lesser the chance for noise, hum, distortion, buzz, etc. entering the audio signal. (Pretty darn important for professional sound guys like us). :wink:

In my experience, (and the majority of pro sound providers) Furman's are the BEST at eliminating any/all RFI from power sources, and offer stellar protection against all sorts of AC anomalies. They have been around a LONG time, and are GREAT with their customers down the road, not just at the point of sale. Not many companies are like that in the DJ field. You will find them in 98% of all pro audio touring racks, club installs, etc.

Must be good stuff....

I am the proud owner of (4) PL-8 Plus Pro's :D


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We've had some on & off power problems for a long time. I FINALLY tracked it down to the cheap garbage conditioner (now I know) that a local dealer pawned off to us. We now own a brand new Furman PL-Plus DM. WOW!!!! :D :D

I'm in heaven! Talk about "worth every penny!". :D


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I got the furman rp8

Now that you guys are raving about these things, I'm wondering if I should take it back tomorrow morning and get a better one

Is the one I got good enough? If not, which one should I get...I use powered speakers and a laptop so I don't know if I need better protection now

I looked through the furman website and they have a ton of them...I actually couldn't find the one I bought...I don't know if its discontinued, but I got it new in a box


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So, which one do you recommend from Furman?

The manual says furman performance series and the manual is for the rp8, rp8L and rp8D

I couldn't find them on the furmansound website

Any recommendations? Maybe I'll take it back and get a better one
Hmmm...?? Powered speakers and a power conditioner.... :?:

Unless you are powering your speakers from the Furman, you aren't getting any protection there. I don't use powered speakers, but from what I understand, they have pretty short power cords. I see a cord problem developing there (need extension cords from Furman to speakers).

As for the laptop, it will be more than protected. Furman is pretty standard across the board on the protection level/RFI filtering they offer. The major differences between the different Furman models are:

1. AMP handling capacity. Most units handle 15 amp service, while the top end units handles 20 amp service.

2. Entry level units do not have slide-out/dimmable rack lights. The higher end units do have this feature.

3. Coupled with the slide out lights, the higher end units also have a 120v multi-colored LED volt meter display on the units. Very handy for mobiles.

If that's all you are using (powered speakers and a laptop) I would say you are A-OK with the unit you bought. If you want to spend a little more for the slide out lights and the LED volt meter, go for it. I personally find the volt meter to be an INDESPENSIBLE item, and well worth the extra cost. Its great peace of mind to just glance over at your rack and know you are ok AC wise periodically :D

I would recommend the PL-8 Plus for you and your application. You can find 'em on EBay at around $80-100, and in stores for around $120-150. You won't regret the purchase.


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I don't need the sliding lights because I'm rear mounting it on my rack (I'm out of top and front space)

What does the LED volt meter do for you though? Does voltage really vary that much?...and even if it does, what are you gonna do?...unplug your system if it's out of whack?

I'm actually DJ'ing at this venue where I've had electrical problems BOTH times I've been there before...First time the breakers popped and second time one of my laptops shut down during dinner (I mailed it out for repair and don't know what's wrong with it yet)...So this prompted me to get protection above the computer surge protectors I have been using

If it makes a difference in protection, I don't mind spending more...This one all it says is 1800watt capacity

The ladies at that venue know they have electrical problems with their building...they just lie to you and tell you they don't

I think I also remember another thread where someone recommended a cheap portable amp or volt meter to test terminals...anyone remember what it was?

I'm actually really paranoid about this Saturday's gig because of the power problems...This will be my third
-and hopefully last- time at that venue
What the LED volt meter will tell you (and save you from) is over/under voltage problems.

I would much rather know BEFORE plugging my equipment in that the power source is HOT or COLD. If its HOT (over 124) you can save your system from damage. The Furman will shut you down, but its nice to know why. Without a voltmeter, you won't know what happened sometimes.

If you are COLD (under 115) you could avoid having malfunctioning equipment problems. (CD drawers, spindle speeds, laptop power supplies, etc). A whole list of under-voltage problems have been discussed here before. Again, without a voltmeter, you just wouldn't know what happened sometimes.

Brandon, do you agree about the voltmeter's imortance here? I know I feel its one of the most important tools I use.


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I know I can always count on you guys for sound advice! (no pun intended)

So, will only Furman's with a visible voltmeter protect/shut down when too hot or cold...or will the ones without the voltmeter display also protect you voltagewise?

I'm taking it back and getting at least a PL8 plus tomorrow morning

Any other recommendations?

I'm thinking about emailing this bride and telling her that I've had electrical problems at her venue both times I've been there before
They will ALL protect the same way...

But with the voltmeter, you will have a visual idea as to WHY you were shut down, or when/where/why a potential problem exists.

BTW - I misspoke on the model I have. Its called a PL-PLUS, not a PL-8 PLUS. Get one of those. Its the cheapest one with a LED voltmeter.


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I may have the new generation Furman (PL-PLUS DM). It has a digital readout in amps or volts. Also has 2 pullout lights with dimming control.
That's exactly what you have! :D

PL-PLUS DM. DM = ( Digital Meter)

Great unit huh? Tell Montana that he's not wasting his money here, and that having a voltmeter is a great tool!!

Brandon Fisher

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Thanks for the picture Mike..

I suggest you take it bakc and either get a PL Plus, PL Pro, or a real step up would be a PM Pro which has both a amp and voltage meter on it. The amp meter is nice because you can see how much amperage you are pulling from that particular circuit. But at least get one with a voltage meter it can help protect you from over loading a circuit.

The PM Pro is the one on the bottom. It looks as though furman is going to all digital readouts which I think is a great idea.


Bobby Welliver

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Furman does make some of the best power conditioners money can buy. We have sold quite a few over the years and have yet to get any of them back for any reason.

Also take a look at Surgex, these things are built like tanks and hold up very well too.

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