Policies for All Mobile Beat.Com Web Communities

Ryan Burger

Policies for All Mobile Beat.Com Web Communities
Policies for All Mobile Beat.Com Web Communities
This community is designed to allow disc jockeys from around the world to share information and ideas to enhance the way we perform and do business. Constructive conversation as well as comradeship between disc jockeys is our goal. It is important to recognize that there are significant differences in the way our services are provided in different geographic areas, and in varying businesses. As part of the agreement to join Mobile Beat.com, we require that you refrain from making direct statements about another person's opinions/practices as being wrong. Instead, it is preferable for you to share with everyone the way things are done in your area as a contrast.

The viewpoints, opinions and statements posted in this community do not necessarily reflect the opinions or viewpoints of the site's owners or moderators.

In order to maintain an atmosphere that is conducive to exchanging quality information and good friendships, please review these policies:
1. People who frequent these boards are encouraged to share information and ideas as they relate to the club and mobile disc jockey business and related businesses. This includes, but is not limited to, Mobile disc jockeys, club disc jockeys, karaoke hosts, trivia hosts, people working in related industries, vendors and suppliers, and people with a general interest in the industry.

2. Offering your opinion on a given topic and debating is encouraged as long as it is done professionally. If you disagree with a person's opinion, disagree and provide supporting reasons why you disagree. Refrain from saying that the other person's opinion is "wrong". We want to encourage an environment where everyone can agree or disagree constructively and professionally.

3. Posts or threads containing language that includes, but is not limited to, personal attacks, racially or ethnically charged wording, insults, profanity, badgering of others, "baiting" (making posts for the sole purpose of provoking conflict) as determined by the Mobile Beat.Com staff or moderators is expressly forbidden and will be immediately removed from the forum(s). Additionally, posts that do not benefit our members may be removed or edited by moderators. Posts which are meant to be humorous or non DJ business related must be very clear in their purpose/intent. All posts may be edited or removed by staff in order to comply with the Terms of Use without prior notification to the original author.

4. Once a member has selected a "handle" or username, they must not change their name or create multiple accounts. If a member requires a username change, they must notify Mobile Beat.Com staff of their intent to change their username before doing so. Notifications must be sent to accounts@Mobile Beat.com.

5. Advertisement Policy - The following restrictions apply to vendors who sell products and services to other disc-jockeys. This policy applies to posts, live chats and signatures on any Mobile Beat.Com site:[list:ff08554051]a. Non-sponsoring vendors are limited to the following level of promotion only: Non-sponsoring vendors may promote their products or services in this community on Mondays in the Gear board. Said promotional announcements are limited to a single post with no bumping (posting in order to give the topic higher placement in the list of threads in a forum) allowed. Non-sponsoring vendors may support their product when questions are asked by the general membership including defending products or company merits. As noted above, this applies to signatures used in posts as well. Non-sponsoring vendors are prohibited from displaying any form of a banner or graphic, website links, or slogans that promote their products or services.[list:ff08554051](example signature of non-advertiser)
Joe Industry member
DJ Equipment Manufacturing Name

b. Current advertisers (Sponsors) of Mobile Beat.com will be given additional room to promote their services and products on Mobile Beat.com's resources, including Start.Mobile Beat.Com but cannot be blatant advertisements. The post must be of educational value, and not just simply a "buy from me" type of post as determined by our moderators. Advertisers are allowed to have small promotional signatures including small graphics, although text is preferred. This differentiation is because sponsors of Mobile Beat.com are paying for this privilege and help to keep this site free to our members.
(example signature of advertiser)

Joe Advertiser on Mobile Beat.Com
DJ Equipment Manufacturing Name
"Catch Phrase We Are The Best...Or Whatever"
c. Vendors are allowed to reply to posts made by competitors for clarification and discussion. Any subsequent replies and conversation CANNOT take the form of bashing, hostile language or any defamation or innuendo that is deemed insulting by our moderators.

d. Associations may discuss specific products, services and benefits that they offer on the any of the boards only when another member asks a specific question. Associations shall refrain from replying to any post started by a competing association.

e. All announcements for equipment FOR SALE/TRADE/WANTED by members shall only be posted to the thread started by the gear board moderators in the Gear & Equipment Board. Unless otherwise announced, the thread will appear twice per month and be titled FOR SALE/TRADE/WANTED. Any other threads containing announcements advertising equipment FOR SALE/TRADE/WANTED will either be moved and/or deleted.[/list:u:ff08554051]
By activating your account, you agree to accept sanctioned marketing emails sent by Start.Mobile Beat.Com or one of its affiliates. This means you agree not to report Start.Mobile Beat.Com or its affiliates to any agency or organization for mail abuse. If you feel that email abuse is occurring from Start.Mobile Beat.Com or one of its advertisers or sponsors, please report it to abuse@Mobile Beat.com.

If you do not wish to receive these mailings, you must surrender your account by sending an email to accounts@Mobile Beat.com.[/list:u:ff08554051]

Violations of the terms of use for Start.Mobile Beat.Com shall be dealt with in the following manner:
1. Registered and unregistered users are considered guests of Mobile Beat.Com. The ability to read and/or post anywhere on this site is considered a privilege, not a right. Standard correction of infractions shall include (but are not limited to) editing/removal of posts, written and verbal warnings to the user making the offending post/thread of the violation.

2. Penalties for violations of the Terms of Use include, but are not limited to: temporary account suspension or permanent banishment. All decisions are at the sole discretion of the Owner/Management of Mobile Beat.Com and all decisions are final.

Mobile Beat.Com is committed to safeguarding your privacy online. This document will explain exactly what information we gather and how it is used.

What Information is Collected: On the registration form for this site we ask for several pieces of information, all of them demographic (solid factual) in nature. This information is gathered to help your experience on Mobile Beat.Com. The more information you give us the more we can personalize your experience with Mobile Beat.Com. Additionally, we may ask for more information when registering you for a contest on our site. For administrative and security purposes we can track the IP addresses of you and log your visit on Mobile Beat.Com.

Where the Information Goes/How it is Used: Unless otherwise indicated, it never leaves Mobile Beat.Com. Our Mobile Beat.com newsletter email database and the login information to our services are only available to the management of Mobile Beat.com. The contest entries are provided only to the contest sponsors. Forms such as the "Send Me Catalogs from All These Vendors" at our shopping site are provided to only advertisers. Your data is used to compile generalized information about our visitors for us to acquire advertisers and sponsors. Specific user information is never given to outside sources (except where indicated for advertising/contesting purposes).

What are Your Choices: You may give as much information as you choose. We do *require* that you register a username (preferably your real name) and use a real email address, keeping your current email address up-to-date in your profile. The rest of the information you wish to provide is really up to you as the user, understanding that some contests and promotions require answering of surveys to be eligible to win.

What is the Policy on Updating User Information: You can update information any time via emails to the staff in charge of the feature that you want to update or from the main profiles area on Start.Mobile Beat.Com.

What Else You Should Know: Keep in mind that although we work hard to protect your information, we cannot control information that you have provided freely in the features outside of the items discussed above (I.E. posts and signatures). Thus this information can be collected and used by others.

Questions regarding this statement should be directed to rb at mobilebeat.com