Police Grand Entrance Theme Ideas

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Met with and booked a couple for their 9-10-11 wedding on Saturday. Groom is a Cop. We were talking and we started brainstorming for ideas for the grand entrance. Here is what we came up with so far:

1. Strobing Red and Blue Lights. I am planning on lining a short pathway by the door they will walk in with 6 or 8 LED cans. I have already tested the strobing and can do it easily with the Obey 3 controller.

2. Bride and Groom are going to come in handcuffed together.

3. Song will be "Inner Circle - Bad Boys" theme from COPS.

Couple of other Ideas I had - Hellicopter sound effect, maybe with some Radio Chatter, possibly a spotlight.

Any other Ideas for the entrance? What song could I follow up "Bad Boys"with?

Ken Heath

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Follow up with "I Fought The Law (and the law won) - Bobby Fuller Four"

Dragnet (TeeVee Tunes or original swing tune by Glenn Miller Orchestra)
Car 54 Where Are You - TeeVee Tunes
Barney Miller - TeeVee Tunes
Hill Street Blues - TeeVee Tunes
S.W.A.T. - TeeVee Tunes
Adam 12 - TeeVee Tunes

Riot In Cell Block #9 - Coasters or Blues Bros.
Jailhouse Rock - Elvis or Blues Bros.
Busted - Ray Charles
In The Jailhouse Now - 'Oh Brother Where Art Thou' Soundtrack
A Week In A County Jail - Tom T. Hall
Jailbreak - Thin Lizzy
Chain Gang - Sam Cooke
Chain Gang - Pretenders


Ken Heath

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I didn't want to be a title hog...had to leave something for someone else to post.



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1. Strobing Red and Blue Lights. I am planning on lining a short pathway by the door they will walk in with 6 or 8 LED cans. I have already tested the strobing and can do it easily with the Obey 3 controller.

Safety concern.....Will there be someone in the audience who could potentially have a seizure because of the strobe lights? I eliminated a strobe from my setup about 10 years ago because of this concern.


Steve Lynch

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Set up a video like they always did in the police squad, or naked gun movies.. Doing a rolling P.O.V. Shot With the police beacon in front of the camera along with the bouquet while playing the theme song... Take a run through the event facility, through the kitchen, the mens room, office, up stairs, through the bushes, etc, and have the video end outside the door, then a snappy announcement as they open the door and make their entrance. If done properly, the comedic value would be priceless..


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Work with the photographer...have a "Mug Shot" type backdop set up and also a "Line Up" type back drop.

As you introduce each wedding party member, or "Suspect"...and announce the "Crimes" for which each committed (catch my drift?), they will proceed to have their Mug-Shots taken and then progress to take their place in the 'line-up'.

Maybe even have some actual Officers, in uniform escort each...one at a time...handcuffed, to their respective positions. Shouldn't be difficult...one would assume there would be many off-duty officers in attendance.

Mark Evans

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I love the theme from Police Squad/Naked Gun as well. I did one a few years ago and brought out the red and blue beacons out of retirement that only came on when they entered the room.

Since it's old but new some borrowed lines and about blue, how about the theme from Hawaii 50. It would be interesting to see if that is where they are going on their honeymoon.


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How about that tune "Rock It", by Herbie Hancock....wasnt that used in one of the Beverly Hills Cop movies with Eddie Murphy ?


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I see where sound bits can come into play...


Book 'em Dano...

Let's be careful out there!

It works for me (Hunter)

And, what would not be complete without Dirty Harry... "Go ahead, make my day,"

"A man has got to know his limitations."

"Do you feel lucky? Well do you, PUNK?"

I would also be remiss not to suggest getting a sound snippet from Smokey & the Bandit. The low note jingle they played every time Sheriff Justice was about to come on screen would also be a great bit to add.

How much fun all of us could have with this!!!


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I've done quite a few "cop" weddings.

If you're into doing a little interactive shtick, here's a bit I wrote that gets a lot of laughs. I'll give you the blueprint, but you have to ad lib and really work it...be very back & fourth with the crowd. If you just read it like a script it won't work.
  • After all the up front formalities are over and the guest are either waiting for or about to be finished with their 1st course, take the mic
  • Get a round of applause for the B&G
  • Mention how you think some of the stereotypes against cops are unfair
  • Share with the crowd that you heard one the other day that cops have horrible recall ability
  • Suggest you all do an exercise right there on the spot to prove them wrong.
  • Without mentioning it's your license plate number, read it out to the cops and ask them to repeat it back.
  • Do this 3x times more
  • Ask them if they have the sequence memorized (they will all say yes)
  • Say "good, that's my license plate #, if anyone here ever pulls me over, remember it & what a good time you had at B&G's wedding"

This bit has never failed to kill for me when there have been a lot of cops in the crowd. Have fun! -Z-
Wow - all excellent suggestions. If I used them all, we could take an hour for the entrance. Thanks for all the suggestions.

As far as the strobes go - its going to be a short term thing. Also it will still be daylight out - and we are in an enclosed tent for the reception.


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ah yes, Joe your right....( on that version )

Hancock still did a version of it too....
THAT version is ONLY available on Limewire (along with the Ray Charles version of You Are So Beautiful)...gee, I wonder why?!
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