Please accept my gift to you...

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Regardless of my personal losses and tragedies this year, I am still inspired to send along to all of you who welcome it, the only present that I am fortunate to give for Christmas this year. I hope that you will receive it warmly as it is sent to you and share it with others you know.

I am sending out a very heartfelt, sincere prayer for you and your family this Christmas season. I pray the Lord will bless you and your families and keep you safe and healthy. Warm tidings of happiness and peace in your homes while savoring the moments you will spend with those you love and are dear to you.

My God has given me a very precious gift. I am careful not for take it for granted or neglect it. I wish to share this special present with you.

Those that may be ill or dealing with difficult health issues, I pray that you will be blessed with healing and your families comforted during your difficult days.

May the Lod GOD in heaven shower you and your loved ones with blessings and favor throughout this Christmas season and onto the coming new year.

In christ Jesus' name I pray,


Merry Christmas and Joy Noel



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Other than Christ dying for my sins, that's the best present I have ever received.

Please accept my prayers for you and yours.

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