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When e-mailing a document that I pdf. to the client as an attachment, how do I know for sure if it will open for them and display like it does on my computer.

Is there a program I need to send to them that they can click on that insures it will be displayed on there computer.

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I think the biggest concern is the font's you use. Either use the Base 14 (Times, Arial and Courer in the basic bold/italic/bold-italic) or specify to include fonts in the pdf (makes it bigger) ... and you'll be fine!


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BB : Fonts used, how displayed, size and clarity of images, etc, are dependent on the .pdf writer you're using. The higher end programs have most of those items as selectable (and will embed what you want displayed) in the options.

Check your "options" menu of your chosen writer program and see extactly what's possible for you to control or force the reader to see.
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