PC HP200613 - Great Wedding Tunes for '06

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Was listening to PC HP200613 this morning -

I heard 3 great songs for those upcoming weddings -

When Did You Fall (In Love With Me) - Chris Rice

Love is a Many Splendored Thing - Barry Manilow (Nice remake, of a classic) :)

Bless the Broken Road - Selah (I know, Rascal Flatts is still a good version, but there's something to like about the all-female harmony).

Good/fresh tunes for cocktails, etc.

Thanks TM Century!


James Lee

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I have to agree love them all. Also 17 Cha Cha - chelo would be awesome at a wedding with the right group.

TMC does it again!

It amazes me, we just had the Wreckers in as an up and coming group, last monday and this week their single is on PC, its great!

Thanks guys.

James Lee

Bill Page

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Guys: I agree that these are all good songs.... (Really like that new Cha Cha)
I keep seeing TM century and Prime cuts everywhere.... Are they that much cheaper or better than RPM (Top Hits) or the Promo Onlys for Service....

When you spend the money you like to get the best bang for your buck... does anyone have an opinion on music services they prefer.... 8)

ERIE, PA.....

James Kane

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PrimeCuts will get you everything in the Top30 for the major music formats. Unlike Promo Only who often seems to miss a lot of stuff that goes Top20. The difference is mostly the weekly vs. monthly nature of the services I'm sure. However for the same money to get CHR, Urban, Country, and Dance, you'll get more music with PrimeCuts.

Top Hits is a great weekly service as well. I used them from 99 to 2001. The problem(?) with them is that the are more expensive than PrimeCuts, and the material they release doesn't chart as well. In many cases I had songs that didn't crack the Top100, and was missing stuff that charted well enough to make the year end charts.

Since 2002 I have exactly seen exactly 1 song on Billboard's year end Top100 that wasn't on PrimeCuts. That was La Tortura in 2005.

For someone needing a diverse music catalog of current music, PrimeCuts is the best bang for the buck IMO.

James Lee

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I have been with Primecuts for 3 years and starting my fourth and, I haven't looked back once. Mind you, my research wasn't very extensive. There was another local DJ multi-op that was using another service, he was telling me about what discs he gets and how many songs but he only gets it twice a month, and I thought to myself why would I only want 25-30 tracks twice a month when I could get 20 tracks every week, with EVERY FORMAT.

I can honestly say I don't know how the other services compare because I didn't look that hard at them. But it is a really good bang for your buck, plus don't forget the extras with primecuts plus. Just my honest opinion.

James Lee

Steve Sharp

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I agree, and it's documented... sometimes I see my own text in a banner ad here. First time I saw that it blew my mind.

Customer service is great, product is great, and continued kudos to Dave Foster for doing excellent programming on these discs.

Mike Lonneman

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To the TM Century Crew: ... thanks for all you do! And let's not forget Jim Weisz... my man! To reiterate what was stated.....TM Century's PrimeCuts does offer the most music and best variety, imo, for the money!


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I love TMC! Besides what everyone else has already said, you get Prime Cuts Plus!
It's on the TM Century website. You get a member name and password when you join and that gets you in to PCP.

You can download current top 30 charts in every format
You can download customized disc track listings, arranged any way you want, with DiscData downloads. Print 'em, or save 'em on you pda!
Plus, the password protected section has instrumentals and acapellas of the hottest new songs (make your own mixes!), Movie and TV Themes (New & Old), plus funny drops and other cool stuff!

I've had a few discs that never arrived (thanks, I think, to sticky fingers at the USPS). But I just email TMC and a new one arrives in about 2 days.

On top of ALL that, I've NEVER been asked for a new, hot song and not had it. I can't imagine using any other service.

Sorry, I hope I didn't gush too much. I just really like the service. Btw, Jim's my rep and he rocks!

Steve Sharp

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I think if you complain to the post office about missing mail, you can get a free box, but I'm not sure... :wink:


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Prime Cuts is the ONLY WAY to go....IMOHO

PC+ makes things even better.

All the staff are great. Rob takes good care of me.

Everybody there is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Can You tell I like TMC?????? :D :wink:

Keep up the great work guys................and gals too. Can't forget Sandy and the rest of the crew.

Have a good Thursday 8)

PS....didn't we have a post about free boxes not too long ago...oh wait, that was free DJ tools for brides, not boxes.....:wink: :wink: :wink:

Frank Reaney
Bright Star Entertainment


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We haven't received the April 7, 2006 disc yet but were told to wait for 10 days. If we still hadn't received it then we should let them know and they would mail another copy. Otherwise no complaints.
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