Out of all the Karaoke CDG Companies, who makes the best?

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Can you please list your personal experence with the overall quality of the diffrent CDG companies out there and list them 1 through 10 (First one being the best of the best). I am talking, music quality, Number of Tracks on ea CD and etc.

Personally, I like Sweet Georga Brown, but after reviewing some of the posts, most KJ's dont like em much. I am looking at expanding my current Library, and I want to know what company to go with..




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CDG for CDG no one matches the SoundChoice quality....on POP and ROCK.

sound Choices main formats have 14 songs...you can expect to pay 25~29 and up.

CDG for CDG noone matches the quality of Chartbusters for COUNTRY.

These have 14 tracks too, but I think weigh oin around 18 ~20.

For CLASSIC Country I think the SAV Nikkodo series is outstanding.

DOnt personally own these but have used them.

Close 2nds

DK series - 15 songs to the CDGs in a 115 CD seet
Top and Pop Hits Today/Monthly - 9/10 songs to CD 19 bucks
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Distant 3rds

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I agree with Bill on this one. I use Sound Choice for all of my Karaoke library. I have tried almost every other software out there.

I can tell you to stay away from cheap cdg's. They are manufactured cheap and cheap sound quality comes with it.

Suppose for a moment, you were a beginning or inexperienced singer. It is your first experience with Karaoke. You are ready to sing your first song but weren't quite sure when to start singing. All of a sudden, the words are highlighting in and you are lost from the getgo. You are feeling a little embarassed as you have lost track of the song in front of your family and friends. Walking away with a very red face shaking your head, you never want to do karaoke again. That's what to expect when using cheaper cdg's. No on screen cues. Poorly arranged lyrics, and synthesized musical arrangements.

Now, suppose for a moment, you are up and ready to do karaoke. The KJ is using Sound Choice or Chartbuster Karaoke CDG's. The song title comes up. Next, you see some countdown bars to help you get ready to sing. You start on cue and are following along nicely. Then, in the middle of the song, there's an instrumental break. The countdown bars reappear and you are able to finish the song on cue. You leave the stage with a rush of adrenalin and can't wait to get back up and sing again!!! Did you know Sound Choice and Chartbuster Karaoke use studio musicians, using the same type of instruments, and recording the song at the same tempo and key as the original artists?

Which are you going to feel more comfortable singing with? Sound Choice and Chartbuster cost a little more but they are well worth the extra money for the sound quality and the extra steps they put into each cdg. No other software companies can match their quality.

Some of my most unfavorite software cdg's are Top Tunes, Music Maestro, Backstage, Sweet Georgia Brown, Legends just to name a few.

Remember, this is only my opinion. Others may chime in too about their tools of choice. I set high standards and will settle for nothing but the best. That's just me.

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Hi guys, I'm new to posting on this board, so here it goes....

I'll agree with yall on Soundchoice & Chartbusters for the quality but you will pay a premium price on the Soundchoices & you gotta love the replacemnet policy with Chartbusters.

In my area there are singers who have been singing karaoke since it all began. DK & Pioneer(if you can find a good used set) were the first CDG's out in the market. Some people love the DK's, others hate them,(for the text), now Pioneer had the best arrangements for the music but had small text(my opinion). Singers usually they go with what they know, the older crowd that I have - if they know you have DK's they will follow you around to whatever venues you play.

I have tried other vendors: Music Maestro, Monster Hits, Legends, Song Factory, Backstage, & Radio Stars. Here's my opion on how they rate:

Soundchoice - Best, but pricey.
Chartbusters - Good, love replacement policy.
DK / Pioneer - Good, love 'em personally
Monster Hits, Song Factory - O.K.
Legends - Only if I have to,(they have 1 disc w/all Bon Jovi songs that nobody else has).
Radio Stars - Only if I have to,(also have 1 disc w/all pearl Jam songs that nobody else has).
Backstage - Never again, consistent swipe speed on lyrics(when a lyric needed to be accentuated, it was not).
Music Maestro - Never again, certain lyrics were wrong(changed).

Just my humble opinion. :)

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As a former Karaoke Store Owner, I agree with all the assessments about the Quality of Sound Choice being the best. The Spotlight series has 15 songs per disc and sell from me for $26.00

The DK Millenimum is a great tool to get a major back library where you get 1700+ songs in a leather caselogic case for $1400.00. The only thing I dislike about DK is that some of the songs have a very faint melody line (Organ music for the vocal lead),, If the person singing hits all they lyrics on cue this is not a problem but if you are playing just an instrumental it can be heard.

Super Core is a library that is illegal since they have collected songs from various distributors and re-released them under one package but you get a good number of songs and they are recent.

Pop Hits Monthly and Top Hits Monthly are great ways to keep current if you want to update your show on a regular basis. They offer POP, ROCK, URBAN, COUNTRY and CHRISTIAN disc each month and you get 9-10 songs for an average price of 18-19 dollard. These are also multiplex CDGs in that each song is on the disc twice, onc with the demo vocals and one the performance track.

PRIDDIS has come along and gotten better in their production as well and they have some titles that are exclusive to their line up. They also were the ones who put out the Lost Classics series back about 8 years ago.

As for the Nikkodo SAV series I have many of them left over in Inventory and am offering them as a set of 38 I believe for only $4.00 each disc, so the entire set will cost only $172.00 plus S&H.

Feel free to call and ask about them at 727-397-0078 M-F 10 am - 8 PM Eastern Time


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Found - Karaoke Builder Studio 3.0

Found some Special Software

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the website is here >> http://www.karaokebuilder.com <<

to download is here >> http://www.karaokebuilder.com/download/kbstudio.exe <<

hope you get lots of use from it guys

have a great day


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My number one choice is Sound Choice. I like the sound quality of Pocket Songs and Priddis, being second choices. Although I don't care for the quality of Top Tunes, I have thought of purchasing the discs regularly because there are additonal songs on them that are not found elsewhere- especially dance (club) songs. Charbuster, Pop Hits Monthly, Top Hits Monthly, Star Disc- these are mediocre to me. At the bottom in quality are Standing Ovation, Backstage and Sweet Georgia Brown to name a few.

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What are everybody's feeling on the Supercore set of CD-G's?

I am looking into an 18 disc set for $90. The songs on there have a ton that aren't in the Chartbuster I, II, III series. I just want to make sure they are going to sound somewhat decent, Supercore has a lot of those songs I want and have been looking for.

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For the money you can not go wrong. The super core set is an unlicensed series that has version from AMERISINGS, Top Tunes, Top Hits Monthly Pop Hits Monthly etc. They basically took the hits from other manufacturers and compiled a set.

For the price you are getting it at Jump on it as it cost the dealers 80.00 just to stock it.

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I was told in late December I'll be able to receive my pre-ordered Chartbuster Essentials IV...hope they are on time! I was able to get it from them pre-ordered for $199.
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