Opinions on American Audio MX-1400 12" Dj mixers

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I'm working on a tabletop system for backup/small parties, and was looking for a good, inexpensive 12" mixer without paying Denon & Pioneer prices. Was looking at both the American Audio MX-1400 and MX-1400 DSP mixers (which I believe are now discontinued). Both can be found for $200 and $300 new. Anyone have any experiences with either one of these mixers, are they reliable and of good quality? I've seen many DJs on here having no problems with any of their mixers. Thanks!


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So it's this

VS. this


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Will the mixer fit your needs(IE 2 Mics one for you and a backup).

check out reviews


It looks pretty good to me. It would be ideal to try one out in a store, and listen for side to side channel noise. I once tested a vocopro karaoke mixer and while listening to one channel I could hear the bleedover from the other channel even though I had the channel crossfaded out. I could hear it without a headset too. For what you appear to need it for, looks reasonable.

But...if you buy well, usually, you only buy once.

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I would see if you could test drive it first and make sure the mics work well as with all the other channels.

Hate to say...but these cheap mixers are cheaply made and rarely stand the test of time.

IMO....you'd be much better looking for a used RANE Mojo on Ebay for a few hundred dollars that will outlast/perform American audio.


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I ended up going with a smaller Pioneer DJM-707 mixer from DJ Toad (he takes excellent care of his stuff) I can still connect 4 line sources to it, and it's built like a tank! Thanks for all your info!


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Saw this too late. I use the MX-1400DSP in my mobile setup and a DJM-800 in my home studio. I think the AA works great for it's application, but it's not on par with the Pioneer for sound quality or effects quality.
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