Only Retired DJs Are "Real" DJs


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DJing is still massive guys. Have you guys heard of EDM or what? Yeah they might not use turntables but still. Did you know the CEO of Goldman Sachs is a real DJ! He even released a track. Google his story, it's fascinating.
Local DJs are still "in" around here. A couple of high school wannabes are doing great.


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When I left the very real hustle and bustle of the DJ business over ten years ago to concentrate on karaoke, I found my mental fatigue all but disappeared. As a karaoke host, I get to see many of the same faces every week, and as a result, I've been able to remember pretty-much all of our "regulars" names and the new faces after a couple of appearances. They've become almost like family.

I've hired a roadie who is only too happy to do the heavy lifting, thus limiting the toll on this 73-year-old body. Twice each week I get to visit and kibitz with friends, sing a song or two, meet and make new friends... and get paid to do it. True, karaoke doesn't pay much more than half what I would make doing wedding receptions, but then, I only have to do a tenth of the work.

Another advantage... a karaoke host needs to keep up a decent library, but nowhere near that required of the mobile DJ. The transition from mobile DJ to karaoke host was one of the best decisions I could have made.

I'll probably retire someday... perhaps in another 7 years (at 80)... or when, as has often been said "when they pry that microphone from my cold, dead hands".

Cheers from Southwest Ontario, Canada
IDK about anyone's "BUSTLE", old man, but I KNOW you got the HUSTLE and I DON'T mean Van McCoy! ;)


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Old DJs never quit/retire; they just limit their exposure.
I have "limited my exposure" significantly since about '04. Do I "miss it"? I'm not that kind of liar. Of course. I don't miss the driving in all weather. I don't miss the lugging, (whether or not it's through the legendary greasy kitchens), of several-generations old gear. I don't miss the chasing of "the manager" that's supposed to pay me. I don't miss the "Bridezillas", (I completely quit the wedding market over those). I don't miss the drunks and those who would violate the "10 things to never say to a DJ" rules. But I do miss a packed floor. I do miss the reverberating head-buzz from people being righteous about their evening...