Online contracts & E-Signatures?


Instead of having our clients print, sign, and then scan/email or fax us back their contracts, we were hoping to streamline the process and find some method of using e-signatures combined with an End User License style-Agreement and checkbox to get this done quickly through our website. We just aren't quite sure where to start looking into this, or if it would be a good idea at all.

How would we go about setting up our EULA/contract statement? What kind of code/plugin/systems are good for this type of thing? Our current site is built on WordPress.
How do e-signatures work? What kind of code/plugin/system would we need for that?
Is all of this pretty watertight as far as legality goes? (I assume a large part of it is related to the wording of the EULA, but are there any other problems with it?)

Just starting to explore this avenue, any advice from anyone with experience is very appreciated.


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I signed up with Adobe EchoSign a few months ago. I'm seeing more and more people that don't have a fax, and want to scan and email back. To date I have not used the service for a client. However I have tested it and the process is pretty simple. You can sign using a mouse, which is kinda hard, or you can sign using your facebook login. A free account gives you 5 docs a month and if you post onto twitter when you sign up I think you get 5 more per month.

As I said, I have not been able to actually use it with a client yet, I need to remember to get that option in my thought process when I'm sending out agreements.