Official DJ New Year Resolution Thread:

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Get them in early folks! :D

I resolute to switch my username to “password” and my password to “username” to make each a lot harder for hackers to figure out.



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I resolute to stop dropping the F-bomb live on the mic during Bridal Party introductions.

OK, on the odd chance this was suppose to be a serious thread

I firmly resolute to be more in touch with what my services & experience is truly worth and to stick to it. My own worse enemy in this regard is not the client, it's me.


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I resolute to continue giving my clients the Best Value in a DJ Service!


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I resolve to not use RESOLUTE as a verb.
(sorry, my sister is a proofreader and editor)

I resolve to treat the DJ thing more like a business, and less like a part time job.

and I resolve to stop making resolutions I have no intent on keeping.


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My New Year's resolution is to organize my home, trailers, and storage building and keep it that way. Right now I have a 10x8 building that I can barley get into. It's full of gear that I use and don't use. I've thought about unloading some of it, but in my mind for so little value I might as well hang on to it. Anyway, right now it's getting and staying organized!


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My resolution is to stop procrastinating. To make sure I do that, I've set a date of about October 2013 to do it!

Mark Evans

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Lose a little of the gut and slow down on working. Skip the second idea, I wants to money.
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