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Todd M

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I was curious to poll the group regarding office space and/or equipment storage space, etc...

How many are working from their homes vs. a rented office space workshop / gear storage space...

Love to hear (and/or see pics!) of how people have set up their office and storage environments.

I'm considering a separate location but not sure if it should be "client friendly" or just a small secure, alarmed warehouse for gear and not worry about the niceties of a "front of house."



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I've always run the business end from my home office. My most used system is kept at home. The large bulk of my gear was stored in a rented climate-controlled facility with 7 day 6am-10pm daily access. I can
tell you that the large majority or "really successful" DJ businesses have a commercial storefront space.


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As a career long solo-op and having an actual office in my home and lots of well organized storage space in my garage and basement, I could never financially or psychologically justify any off-prem office or storage. The tax benefits are simply too great having a home / office IF one knows and understands home / office proper deduction protocol. The biggest part of that is not falling into the gear trap of having everything under the sun and not letting go of historical unused crap.

As the digital age continues its rush to total impersonal communications, a top quality video cam, a nice professional business looking backdrop, a few video conferencing programs, and business casual upper wear can work better now then ever before. (Note: If sitting, pajama bottoms optional.)

If I were to be a multi-op with actual employees, a receptionist, sales manager, etc, then yes, at least an office with 24/7 accessible secure alarmed storage


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Never had the need to have an actual office,
so I just work from home.
But not a HOME office, just the dining room...cause that's where the computer is.
The equipment is stored in the garage or in the trailer.


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I'm using a hive workspace in downtown Atlanta.

So far, I'm enjoying it. The space gives me a distraction-free workplace, a super place to meet with clients, I can demo my system if needed, make use of their A/V for presentations and videos, and have an office ITP (inside the perimeter, which is a bold thing to be in our local events industry).

That does not preclude me from working at home or meeting people elsewhere, but it lets me plant a flag!


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Hi Todd, I've done both. Before I answer, I'd like to 1st ask you what's the legal structure of your business (i.e. incorporated, LLC, none)?
If you go the home office model, you can't possibly over value what Cap said.

The tax benefits are simply too great having a home / office IF one knows and understands home / office proper deduction protocol.

Todd M

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Thanks for all of the responses.

DJ Steve - I'm incorporated as an S-Corp - I agree with you / Cap. I take advance of a healthy deduction by virtue of my home office.
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