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Johnny Dee

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This NYE we provided sound and lighting for DJ Keith Alan. I believe this was the 6th year we have done this event with Keith. It's always a blast working with him The venue has 3 rooms and we are in the main room with 1200+ guests.
It's a tough room for sound and lighting as it is a very wide short dance floor that requires us to spread the sound and lighting out to cover the whole dance floor. In addition, there is a low ceiling room divider track right in the middle of the stage which requires some innovative lighting truss setup.
Sound was our DB Technologies Line Array...lighting - Martin Kryptons, Martin Washes with beam attachment, Martin Atomic Strobes, Martin SpaceBar 54's, Martin Hazer and a Martin M2PC Lighting Console.
Once dinner is finished guests can go to any of the three rooms. Many come to our room to dance.
The day was a 21 hour day for us.
What determines a successful event? When the venue books you at the end of the event for next NYE.

Here's a couple of videos:

Programming Ballyhoos for grand entrance

Party Time


Mark Evans

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Great setup. Keith Alan is one of the best and I always look forward to seeing him in Vegas. Wish you could make it out there John. Love to meet you.


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A collaboration of two of the tops in their crafts. What a treat for the guests being able to see, feel, and enjoy what "done right" is like. Making it look easy is the pinnacle of professional success.
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