Nye 2014 Setup

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Johnny Dee

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A great New Years Eve party. Our 5th year of providing big Sound and Lighting setup for DJ/MC Keith Alan at the Aqua Turf. 1100+ guests in our room.

Due to the shape of the room it offers challenges for our sound and lighting setup to provide good coverage. We setup our DB Technologies Line Array to handle the left and right side dance floor area (busiest dance areas) and our Dynacord setup for the center dance floor.

Our lighting setup also offers a challenge to provide good coverage on the total dance floor area. Our setup space is limited so we have to squeeze a lot of equipment in a limited space. Each year we try to come up with a unique setup to keep it fresh. Our lighting setup was 8 towers, 8 Martin Kryptons, 4 Martin StageBar 54's, 2 Martin Atomic Strobes, 8 Elation Opti's, 2 Elation Bricks, Martin Hazer...all programmed and run from a Martin M2PC Controller.

What determines a successful event?...When you are booked on the spot for NYE 2015...see you then.



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Johnny- Looks totally awesome as always! You know me always thinking outside the box, I like the facade but often wonder Why they are not LED screens?


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Bet it sounded awesome. dB is great gear. Champagne glasses rattled for sure that night!
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