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I own two NuMark HD Mix sound mixers and absolutely love them. I purchased one brand new in 2010 and purchased the second one used a few years later. My original unit came with an 80 Gb hard drive and the used unit I purchased came with a 250 Gb hard drive.

As I was preparing for a wedding last weekend, I had something happen that I have never encountered and was wondering if any other DJs using this equipment have ever experienced this. I "drag-and-drop" my songs from iTunes into the HD Mix and then, of course, run the Librarian software to get the music catalogued so I can search and locate them during the wedding. When I was running the Librarian software, everything seemed normal at first. The software showed it was examining the files and I saw the verbiage at the bottom of the dialogue box stating 100 files, 200 files, 300 files, etc. all the way up to the 6433 files I currently have on the drive. After this process then it typically goes into the longer process which gets everything catalogued for you. Using the "normal" setting, this typically takes maybe three or four minutes. This time, however, when it went to this final step, it immediately showed about eight or nine seconds remaining and within seconds, the software indicated the cataloguing was complete. When I disconnected the USB cord and checked the mixer to make sure the new songs were catalogued in the system, I couldn't find them. The remaining 6,000-plus songs in the system were still there, but the new ones I had added that day would not show up when I searched for them. I repeated the process numerous times, to no avail. On a couple of instances, I received warning messages something to the effect that Librarian had encountered a problem. Wondering if the problem was in my Librarian software, I deleted it and reinstalled, but that provided no help.

I am positive it has something to do with the removable hard drive in the mixer, as I was able to catalogue music in the 250 Gb hard drive in my "back-up" mixer.

Have any of you ever encountered this, and if so, how did you correct the problem.

On a side note, is anyone aware of a supplier who still carries the hard drive caddy for the HD Mix. I have done some checking on the internet, and can't seem to locate any. I love the HD Mix and would hate to have to replace two mixers simply because of what appears to be a hard drive issue.

Thanks for your help!


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I use a D2 Director, so I use the Librarian software before every gig.
The only thing that I have seen that is remotely close to your experience....
is the difference between choosing a QUICK and a NORMAL run.
The quick one I use in an emergency, as it only take an hour or two...
as opposed to the NORMAL setting which takes all night.
(my HD has over 40,000 songs)