Notice To Djs Who Use Macs

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MAC users be aware that many problems have been reported with externally attached DJ devices (Controllers, Disc Drives etal.) once you've upgraded your MAC OS to the latest version ("El Capitan').
I haven't received any further info besides the warnings but I'll try to stay on top of this.


Imagine that, MAC/APPLE making it difficult or, at the very least, inefficient to use devices they do not sell or endorse, i.e. profit from...lemmings gotta be lemmings.


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Thanks Nicky. I don't own a MAC, but this would definitely be a non starter for me if I did.

Mark Evans

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I have yet to have an issue in 7 years with any controller or external device. Of course DJ computers do not get updated the day of a new IOS release. Check with the manufacture before doing an update to make sure the devices are compliant.


And WHERE is Alma MI ?!
I'm all ears - I use two Macbook Pros and VDJ Pro 7. I'm haven't yet upgraded to El Capitan.


And WHERE is Alma MI ?!
From the VDJ website: While VirtualDj 8 itself does not experience any issues on new OS X 10.11, your hardware may do so!

Pioneer, Numark, Denon and other hardware manufacturers already have posted warnings about some of their hardware not working properly under the new OS X 10.11 version.
So, please consult your hardware manufacturer before upgrading to MAC OS X 10.11 'El Capitan' for compatibility issues:

Pioneer Announcement
Numark Announcement
Denon Announcement

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This happens all the time when major OS changes are introduced on any platform. Reemember Win ME, Vista, 8??? All had issues of one sort or another. To me, for my performance machines, I NEVER update the OS until I have had it running in a test machine for a while. That's just smart regardless of WIN/OSX


And WHERE is Alma MI ?!
I just upgraded to El Capitan, and have yet to prove the myth that my MC6000 will work. Let's cross our fingers!

Hardware Support

Note: while some hardware products are supported, contact your software developer to confirm software support on Mac OS X 10.11 El Capitan.

Model Name Hardware/Driver
DN-X1600 Supported
DN-X1700 Supported
DS1 Supported
Engine Software Supported
MC2000 Supported
MC3000 Supported
MC4000 Supported
MC6000 Supported
MC6000mkII Supported
SC2900 Supported
SC3900 Supported


And WHERE is Alma MI ?!
Just to follow up. I have two macbook pros, both running yosemite, and the MC6000 works just fine.
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