New Vehicle Time - Need Some Ideas

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The OP is looking for a dual purpose vehicle to transport his young children as well as using it to transport his gear. I don't think the Sprinter is a passenger vehicle.
Good to know that you can add extra seats and belts, however, not everyone has $50K for a vehicle...whether it has a 30% write off or not.


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Four door Jeep Wangler Unlimited and a trailer. :D

The kids will love it in the summer. 4x4 for the winter. With the seats down, you can fit a small system inside, if you didn't want to get a trailer. I don't think you would get the photobooth and system inside it though.
I wouldn't go 5-year-old used only because in 2012 they changed the engine to a 3.6L V6 which has more HP and (slightly) better gas mileage than the 2007-11 one.


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If this is good enough for David Guetta & Flo Rida, it's good enough for me...of course I now may not be able to afford the roadie I'll need...there's always a catch :((.

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