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Go Big or Go Home
As the summer is very slow, this year I decided to build a full stage set in my design software. I am at about 70% done for the stage portion. Big elements to finish include side lighting, Stage Props, Monitors, guitar and bass amps, stairs, backstage area. Then I will create the room. Once the room is done I will then program a 5 - 7 minute song.

Here is where we are so far. I would say over all I am at about 30% done.

This rig consists of:
47 MAC 700
44 MAC 101
17 MAC 301
64' x 20' UPSTAGE Screen
LED Screens for Eyecandy (Infront of 64' x 20' Upstage Screen)

I will be adding about 60 LED PARs to light truss and large set pieces.
I will also add a small conventional rig for pure white light. Sticking with ETC for that.



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Jeez Louise... Man you are so far above the majority of guys on this site. Son, you have talent!!!!!!!

Lighting is conceptual and creative.... and yes, nuts and bolts also, but a lot more creative than just plugging in speakers.

I understand why you want to break into the wedding market during the summer months. I am right down the road from you on I-10... it is hot as freaking hell and no one wants to do anything. So business is slow and you need to fill the slow days, correct?

Sorry we missed each other.... you have my number.

You have the talent and experience... there are guys here who can help you fill those slow days.

lil 2, 4, 8, 16, 32, 64, 128, 256 jimmy
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