New mics


I'm looking for new microphones specifically for ceremonies.

I currently use a wireless stand mic that works but can be unsightly. I've been thinking about wireless lavaliers, but I would like a handheld in case
1. I need to make announcements
2. There's a problem with one of the lavs.

I like the shotgun mic idea but it seems unpractical because it needs someone to hold it.

Separately, I'd like two wireless mics so I can speak after handing off my single wireless for folks to give toasts.

Since I'm now a solo op on a budget, price is always important.


Mark Evans

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A lot of Shure stems out there. I have the PG58 which is the handheld and the receiver will accommodate a second mic such as a lav. I would look for a system that the receiver will work with 12 mics.


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12 as in twelve? That'll be a rack mounted system probably 3 1U four module units. MiPro makes a superb system however is frequently ignored due to its higher costs.

I have their ACT707 system with 1 1U four module receiver system and four AC/DC portable receivers. Then my transmitter devices consist of 6 handhelds and 4 AC/DC belt packs.


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Don't rule out a "shotgun" mic connected to a wireless transmitter pack. It can be used from a very short floor stand or from an overhead boom.
Cover it with a "dead cat" wind shield when using it outdoors .... they're fantastic and not overly expensive. I use a Rode NTG-2 which costs around $250-$280 depending on where you buy. The Rode "DeadCat" wind muff will cost you another $40.