New meeting trend?

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We actually have an office, but I know many who meet clients at coffee houses. Has anyone else seen something like this ... or been told to move along?


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DJ J Mac

We've never seen anything like that, nor heard anything like it. We do almost all of our meetings at Panera and have never had a problem, heck even the managers know who we are and what we're doing there.


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I agree SteveZ .... takes away that personal touch and I too have noticed a lower number of closings. It takes the potential B&G to be tech savvy to get it.


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Soooooooooooo.. Buy your potential clients a cup of coffee ... Ya cheap bastages. ;)

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I think that is a bad move on the coffee house's part. I have closed many deals in a coffee shop! It became like a good luck charm. Enjoy a great cup of coffee and talk about one of the best days in a young couples lives or the busy corporate rep that needs to nail down the entertainment for their convention.


Mark Evans

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Haven't seen this yet. As a matter of fact just the opposite. I see a ton of meeting going on but yes buy the coffee or the meal. Clients and owners seem to really appreciate it :)


I too do the coffee house thing. I always tell them that I am buying because I can take it off my taxes. During the summer, when it is hot, coffee won't work so I take them for ice cream instead.
Haven't seen anything like that around here yet.



wuz here when it was Red.
. Has anyone else seen something like this ... or been told to move along?

havent seen it, seems kinda silly.. I've always assumed the those type of meetings would bring in money..
Myself I am a major coffee drinker so if I went to place like that I would make sure they are supported..

I dont use coffee shops any more (my meetings go on too long to be confortable there, plus the noise in some places makes it difficult), but the few times I did use one, I made sure I made a few purchases (like others said I also paid for whatever my customers wanted), AND I MADE SURE TO GIVE A NICE TIP TO THE BARRISTERS/waiters.. (to be exact, I would ask the person who served me where their tip jar was (even if it was totally obvious) and then drop a 10 dollar bill in)

probably just another example of someone being an idiot, taking advantage of the store, and ruining it for everyone else..


Haven't seen that here in NJ... and actually a Dunkin Donuts by me is the first in the country to open a private meeting room with a TV that can be rented for $25 per hour.

Scott Hanna

If I meet a client at a coffee house, I make sure to buy something.

While I've never seen a sign like that, and I believe it's probably better for them to have people come in and hope they buy something, if they are a small but very popular coffee house with limited seating, they probably don't want the seats taken up by people who aren't buying anything.


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I don't know how any self-respecting person could go into a Panera, Starbucks, DD, whatever, and NOT buy something if they're going to utilize the joint as a meeting place to conduct business. I don't think anyone here would perpetrate that kind of cheapness. -Z-


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I hate coffee but those places have awesome smoothies and Iced teas. I always get to my meetings early to use the rest room and get something. Then offer to buy my couples something so I go up there twice. And yes, always throw the change or at least a buck in the tip jar each time.

I went to a meeting one time and the girl behind the counter was the MOH at the wedding I did the week before. Gave her an extra tip in case she needs a DJ sometime, it might make her remember me even more.


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Its been years since I met with anyone at anyplace other than my office, if they want to work with me, they can come to me. Sorry just the way it is..


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Nothing like that, actually the independents seem to use it as a draw, creating "alcoves" where you can even converse more privately. Anything they can do to battle the larger Starbucks. The chains don't seem to care as long as money is coming in, I almost always buy something.


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I just got my first office and can tell you, I HATED meeting in coffee shops. There was nothing worse than trying to [WIRRRRRRRRRRRRRR] talk to a potential [ZZZZZZZZZZZZZ] client when the blender and other loud devices started going off.

Steve Lynch

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The Starbucks in Roswell Ga. is banning sales presentations now from what I hear. I have a dedicated office, and I prefer an office, as it allows me to control the environment, and the experience. As a business owner, I would not want some DJ tying up one of my 5 or 6 table areas for two hours. I think it's fine if you're just shooting the poop, but using their office as your office is tacky. if you want to make the big bucks, spend some money. and if you meet the couple there, you better be there earlier than them, and be the one to pick up the tab.
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