New Laptop, Windows 10 & Vdj

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Hey folks - here I am again.

So I've got my spanky new Dell i7 laptop with Windows 10.
I've cruised around the VDJ forum & kinda found an answer, but think I need some more
info. What do I do to optimize Windows 10 to run VDJ 8?
Haven't installed VDJ8 yet.

I think I have optimized the battery performance.
I think I have disabled Cortana.
I have turned off OneDrive.
I have disabled Automatic Driver Updates.

What else do I need to do??

Thanks in advance!!


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The best resource I've found to "supertune" any Windows PC for max performance can be found at This guy is amazing.

By the way, I've been running VDJ8 on two identical Windows 10 ASUS laptops and they've been flawless. The one problem I DID encounter was the drivers for my external sound card ( a older Maya-44 which I used for my XP systems). They informed me they were not going to upgrade the driver and that I'd have to update to their latest sound card ..... which I did.


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Although this may not be the route desired, the fundamental tweak to any laptop or computer purchased off-the-shelf is to obtain a brand new operating system software. Wipe out the hard drive and install the bare bones OS brand spanking new. Your system will be totally free of manufacturer's trial software, bloatware, unnecessary monitoring crapware, et al.

Before doing that, partition your drive so that the operating system resides on drive c: (say on a 100gb partition) while all the rest of the space (d: drive) is earmarked for data. Makes drive cloning and backup procedures so much faster.

I'm running an older Dell Latitude with Win 10 Pro and VDJ 8.2.xxxx and did exactly what I've recommended to you. My main drive, however, is a 1tb SSD. The machine is flawless, fast, easily multitaskable (ESET anti-virus, internet connection, Word, VDJ 7 & 8 all at the same time) and when something goes south on me, it's the specific software not the machine's ability to handle it.

I personally take umbrage on having to specially tweak a perfectly capable machine to accommodate a specific software if the operating system was installed properly at the outset. No sir.
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